HG Lewis Research Update – 11-30-15


Through the last couple of weeks, more ads for HG Lewis’ class-sicks have been seen and added to the collection of The Scene’s Exploitation History research, and as usual are essential knowing how things were long before V, H, and S turned into three of the most important letters for many movie ghouls. Tonight, the first stop on our Magical Gore Tour is Marion, Illinois where we start with this 4-4-69 ad for the classic diabolical double bill of The Gruesome Twosome and Something Weird. Although many rightfully remember the Gore Trilogy the most, The Scene seriously bows down to this pairing as well because these films delivered in their own special ways,


This ad for the Herrin, Illinois based Riviera Drive In continues Lewis’ adventures advertised for the Carbondale/Herrin/Marion part of Southern Illinois during the Spring of 1969. Dated 4-18-69, this is for the Teenage Terror double feature with Lewis’ Birth Control Pill classic and the Garage Punk flick featuring a cameo by Coronal Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame!


Let’s take a note of the Product Placement, this time featuring Ray Sagar walking in front of a Walker Brothers Pancake House! It’s part of a chain that’s still open (and reportedly adding in a new location in the next year!), and by the looks of things it might be the Wilmette, Illinois location North of Chicago. By the time of filming, a trio named the Walker Brothers of “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” fame split up for the first time, and it’s kind of cool for a film about the Rock scene of the day pick a place with the same name as one of the best vocal groups ever (and if you know your Scott, you know who I’m talking about!). I’m sure those in Illinois who seen it possibly might have gone “WTF?” seeing a scene with the King of KFC connected with a scene featuring the Illinois’-based Pancake House chain if they noticed or cared, but there it is (Wonder if the cast and crew got some breakfast that day?). Although The Faded Blue were possibly wishing that they would see their screen debut in their hometown as quick as possible, they would have to wait a year (In Chicago, it would play the Monroe in Sept. 1968)


From 5-14-69, this completes our Southern Illinois tour winding back where we started. The Campus was showing the classic She Devils on Wheels while the Marion was showing the classic Taste of Blood/Teen-Age Strangler double bill that’s legend with Lewis fanatics. Yipes Stripes! There’s more (hey, in a few weeks after this ad, Pink Floyd’s More soundtrack would be unleashed!)!


2-22-74, “High Point’s Finest”, the Tar Heel DI (a Something Weird World of sin-ema if you look at a lot of their programs!) was playing the infamous Gore Gore Girls with two serious Horror classics, She Beast and Mario Bava’s The Whip and the Body starring Christopher Lee – aka in the US as What. An original ad was used, but this was one of the times it actually worked.


1-16-71, Pittsburgh area – Here’s a rare ad for “White Trash on Moonshine Mountain” trying for the Poor White Trash ad dollar.


3-27-68, another use of the great “Take the Test” ad mat for the Gruesome Twosome/Something Weird show. this time “god awful” is used!


9-6-68, Salisbury, MD had a Bloody Good time with the Trilogy!


11-11-70, Tuscon also had a showing


1-19-71, Ogden, UT


2-5-74, Corpus Christi – here’s another sighting of the Blood Trilogy!


This 2-16-71 ad in the Village Voice for the Elgin Cinema showing  of Blood Feast claimed it to be as “The worst film ever made” in it’s showing during it’s Midnight Schlock series.


1-23-70 and


2-6-70 saw ads for the Art Cinema in Pittsburgh playing Lewis’ Adult films unleashed in 1969.


10-21-65, Madison, WI – Athough we know Monster a Go Go, what’s Femme a Go Go about? Or Russian Roulette, for that matter (it would be another two years for Suburban). Was the later some kind of Sex-Ed picture? If you know please comment!


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