The Vampire Happening


Corpus Christi – 7-25-75

Time for a quickie at The Scene! The very cute and kind of charming Vampire Happening was one of many films that floated around the small company movie scene through the Mid 70’s which had the luck to wind up on VHS by the 80’s. With Pia Degermark in a duel role as the actress inherits a castle and the vampire who causes sexy havoc, this is seriously one for the fans of Euro Horror with a love of cheesy humor and some playful T&A to go along with it. Directed by the legendary Freddie Francis, who was on a Bad Dracula Comedy Movie spree along with the infamous Son of Dracula with Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson, this was clearly the better of the two as it focuses on the starlet’s looks (and looking very well in some Gothic get-ups!) and makes room for all kinds of silly laughs at everything you want to see, including Catholic Schoolgirls, groovy Swingers music, kinky bits, kinky boots, a campy Vampire spoofing Christopher Lee’s characterization who arrives by helicopter, and Priests going bad. Producer Pier A. Caminnecci was best known for Producing and Writing Jess Franco’s classic Succubus, although he was involved in a few lighter films from the Late 60’s and Early 70’s including Franco’s own Red Lips films and Adrian Hoven’s Castle of Creeping Flesh (the title I rented it under back in the VHS days).


9-28-75, San Antonio, with a Something Weird Video favorite that also had a ghostly life before winding up on video.

As you can tell, this one hardly had many plays on it’s first run, and I still need to see an ad for a double billing with Swinging Monster, which may or may not be the Loreley’s Grasp which is best known in The US as When The Screaming Stops with a flashing red light ad barf bag gimmick. The Vampire Happening was one of the mountain of Late 70’s presentations released through Cougar, the recipient of many films released by Horizon (“Zaat!” is the company!), Libert, and International Cine Film by 1977 (the company also got some family films from Doty-Dayton after it shut it’s doors as well!), but even then it went nowhere possibly expect for  a few out of the way Drive Ins. By The 80’s, it found a home with United Home Video (also home to releases of films like The Body Shop/Dr. Gore back then), and this is where I come in renting every clam shell and big box tape at the Video Connection!




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