HG Lewis’ Alley Tramp as Phillip and Marie – Rare AKA Found!


Albuquerque, NM, 7-11-69

Although Alley Tramp was playing here and there after it’s release in 1968, it was obvious that some places were having a little trouble putting ads in the newspapers papers as the word Tramp was one of “those” words that could send us straight to that place down below with the fire and that horned deity with the pitchfork. To those who don’t believe me, and I’m sure some of those of the last couple of generations reading this are among those wondering if this happened then, I offer you this…


11-9-73, High Point, NC – No Photoshop Kidding, this was the actual ad with ***** covered up for our virgin eyes. Thankfully things would loosen up some time after this, but I just wanted to give you what it was like in some areas.


3-29-74, Chicago – even in the Windy City, that word even had it’s problem, although…


…at least one small ad got away with it!

Getting back to HG Lewis’ ultra low budget work of sleaze shot mainly in the rooms above the Capri Theater in Chicago, released with every name under a fake French pseudonym with Lewis being Armand Parys and Producer Tom Dowd (owner of the Capri) as Leon Thirard, Alley Tramp was at the time just a simple piece of wonderful slime to fill up the screens that co-starred Julie Ames and Steve White – I wonder if they were an item at the time, both were also in Lewis’ Blast Off Girls and Just for the Hell of It. The original ads were pretty cool looking had that iconic sight of Jean Lamee, and It did fine in the way that your normal Nudie/Roughie flick of the day would do, if not in the gangbuster style of Blood Feast or She Devils on Wheels.


11-15-68. Miami


12-19-68, Pelham, NC, just south of Danville, Virginia, and a hotbed of sleaze. Sadly the ads turned word only by 1971 I think.


3-7-69, San Antonio

I guess that by Mid-1969, it was possibly felt that this needed a new title to compete with something like the follow-up to Helga, Micheal and Helga which was a rage of the day. Although we still need the official word as to why “Phillip and Marie” happened, this just might explain things more…


6-2-69, Chicago

Of course, Lewis was well versed in Roadshow hype and Exploitation enough to know that this was a no-brainer plan of advertising. Phillip and Marie actually played an Art Cinema (Don Pancho’s in Albuquerque) with a great ad campaign, although this title was not used as much. For many years, this went undetected and even the AFI did not list it in it’s legendary Catalog (although it did mention Alley Tramps in it’s AKA listing). After some time, it was reviled as the work of Lewis and remains one of his cult class-sicks and maybe he should have done more like this as Scum of the Earth was also proof that his style was right for the world of the Roughie, but it was over to California in 1969.


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