A Taste of Milligan – a few ads from 1967-1969


8-2-67 – In the “Summer of Love” there was the August of Milligan at the World! Also, a Week of Mahon’s Fanny Hill at the Tivoli, too.

During the last few days, I was seriously trying to fill in that very important gap in my Blogging adventures which was bugging me marked “The Lack of Anything From the New York City area” and thankfully I came across a number of issues of the legendary Village Voice which had what I was looking for, especially when it’s about part of Late 60’s to Early 70’s. My local Library only has New York Times Microfilms from 1974 on which I should be digging through very soon, but as you can tell, what I have been getting is certainly very important for this blog. This series of posts will certainly not be a thorough investigation of the Sleazoid World made famous by writers like Bill Landis, but at least captures of a time and place that is part of the important centrals to understanding Exploitation, Sexploitation, and Indie/Art movie history in The US that broke barriers.


8-10-67 Issue – The Promiscuous Sex enjoys a successful run at the World.

The main focus of this post is on Andy Milligan. Many Exploitation film watchers know about his Low-Budget Horrors like The Ghastly Ones, Blood, and Guru the Mad Monk, but as Fleshpot on 42’nd Street shows, but his most important films are based in the seediness around him which featured actors mainly from the Staten Island area where he lived in and were pretty successful in the New York City area (and to a lesser extent in the then-small circle of Adult movie theaters across America). Sadly, many of us (me included) will only know about a number of them through word of mouth as most of them are considered lost, destroyed (the story of Lew Mishkin is well known among fans), and never to return again, but it should be noted that they were somewhat regular fixtures of the Adult Movie scene in the New York City area, and to a lesser extent in the circle of sleaze centers across the country. What was important was that in Milligan’s territory, these looked like that they were worth more than the micro-budget shock flicks that played regularly that cemented his reputation to those who only knew about that side of his filmography.


9-14-67 – Of interest to fans of Something Weird Video, Milligan’s 1965’s film Vapors had a return engagement at the Cameo after it’s December, 1965 debut, and in this Starting Monday ad, the Mighty Monarch had to take the B position this time. It is one of the landmarks of Gay Cinema and the debut of Milligan as a movie Director after years of staging plays on Off-Broadway stages like the Cafe Cino and La MaMa and running his Ad lib clothing boutique.


Looking at this 9-21-67 capture, you had your choice of two Milligan films in the area!


4-15-67, Lubbock – To give an idea of other places that had his films,the infamous Fine Arts Drive In had The Degenerates that weekend. As you should expect, the ad was censored…and the film is lost. It’s working title was Sin Sisters 2000 AD and unlike a number of his films from that era, this was Distributed through J.E.R., the company who also unleashed The Ghastly Ones.


8-23-68, Long Beach at the Roxy. At that time, their triple plays were like this with the third was not “Adult” but still on the cutting edge.


10-29-68 – This San Antonio showing of The Filthy Five at the Art was with the most famous of Olympic International’s Mondo flicks. Sadly. the lack of 1968 Voices that could document it’s New York showings leave another gap to be filled later.


3-7-69, Long Beach – The Degenerates plays the Star, one of the smaller Adult Theaters in the area that still was trying to bring in the audience with the then-trendy Underground Film Midnight Shows (although as you can tell they were less Art than what Underground Cinema 12 was showing).


8-22-69. Odessa, TX.


Danville, Virginia, 9-26-69 – Using the iconic image of HG Lewis’ Alley Tramp ads, too.


7-3-69. Getting back to NYC and The World, Gutter Trash was showing.


8-7-69 – Over at the Rialto, a film with a title familiar to fans of The Cure was showing.

More Milligan is in the plans for this Blog…stay tuned!


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  1. Promiscuous Sex would go on to gross over $163,000

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