The Wild World of Batwoman and Blood Waters of Dr. Z – One for the MST-ies.


Albuquerque, 12-10-71 – The Wild Wild World of Batwoman as She Was a Hippy Vampire actually played a few screens in 1971 with House of Black Death! Jerry Warren’s upchuck of a film would later turn into one of the favorite episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I have seen She Was a Hippy Vampire, the full Deep Hurting version a number of times, and still think to this day it’s good for watching at 3AM. The jaw-dropping spectacle of the No-Budget wonder of this film should seriously be seen in full as soon as possible. I’m not a Jerry Warren fan, but there was something so WTF about it that still is so wrong it’s right – now on to catching Frankenstein Island.

Reportedly, Warren was sued for riding on the Batman craze, but it was a case he won and actually used the angle in the trailers even after changing the name.  It even got an official G rating that was certainly not used in the newspaper ads.

I wonder how they reacted to this in 1971…


11-5-71, Corpus Christi – The Liver Eaters is actually the legendary Spider Baby!

Through my journeys of getting ads of films I have loved and wondered about, some of the titles featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 were of interest mainly for their rarity and the fact that they stood out in that Drive In kind of way. Two of those, besides Manos: The Hands of Fate which faded away from view after a few plays in the Texas/New Mexico area and maybe a few more elsewhere, seriously struck me as films I really wanted to find out about. Yes, Batwoman was one of them!

Another flick which was made popular through Mystery Science Theater 3000 was this…


4-22-73, Burlington, South Carolina


4-18-73, Kingsport, Tenn.




5-4-73, WIlmington, NC


5-25-73, Statesville, North Carolina



10-19-73, Panama City, Florida

With Clark releasing handling Southern Distribution (yes, the company who handled a East Coast Distribution of a couple of Jean Rollin classics The Scene looked at a few articles back!), Zaat had a number of plays in the South and Carolinas after it’s 1972 premiere in Jacksonville, Florida before quietly fading away until Capital bought up the rights to the Distribution and called it…


12-20-74, El Dorado, Arkansas

Capital was one of the many small companies in the Mid 70’s that battled it out for screens time with films like Super-Man-Chu (arguably their most successful), the US release of The Fear Maker, the release of the Italian flick Luana, the Girl Tarzan with a very misleading ad campaign with a Frank Frazetta painting used in the first run (There were a lot of matinees for this with a more honest campaign – Mei Chen also appeared in Jean Rollin’s Rape of the Vampire), and their contribution to 70’s sleaze, Beautiful People which later turned into The Sexorcists.

Later on, it was released for a third time by Cougar, who got a huge number of films in 1976-7 by companies that closed up, a chapter in Exploitation film history that deserves a serious full look into. Paired off with The Fear Maker, it played a few more Drive Ins and second/third run houses before moving on into the world of VHS.


Daytona Beach, Florida, 10-12-72


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One Response to “The Wild World of Batwoman and Blood Waters of Dr. Z – One for the MST-ies.”

  1. Fantastic!
    I’m a huge fan of ‘Zaat’, and think it needs more love,
    Some say Ed Wood had a hand in it – and I totally agree!
    That opening voice-over , never mind the rest of the mind-numbing film, has Ed’s DNA all over it.

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