Back Again! Sin in the Cinema, Nov. 1968-1969


Hollywood 11-7-68 (*Editorial note – This was from a Van Nuys Paper, sorry for the confusion if there was any).


Hollywood 11-15-68, best known as Naked Under Leather back in it’s re-issue in 1970, but for a short time Girl on a Motorcycle was known as being among the first X-Rated films – and among the first flips of it’s kind in The US. A hit in The UK, this had to wait for a kinkier title for it to move through the Stateside theater scene.

As you can tell, there was a bit of a rest going on for the last few days, and all of the reasons had to do with getting things in order. Here at the Scene, I hope that there was a hell of a lot of cool things to check out during that time.

Here’s a small timeline of Late 60’s sin and sexiness that was mainly marketed with some of the early X ratings with Candy being an R-Rated film that still fits the story perfectly.  It’s a glimpse of the first months of the X Rating after it’s start in November, 1968 and all through 1969 when most of the movie-going public were divided between the ones wanted this wildness and those who seriously wanted all of this to go away in a hot bed of arguments. These were met with various degrees of success, but all still carrying that controversial (and usually European) curiosity factor that was the main ingredient of these films at the time. I’m sure you’ll dig it!

As the business was mainly an area by area conquest, a lot of these films pretty much toured, so just enjoy the ride.

11-29-68, Van Nuys – The rare ad for Inga. For some reason, I like this more! Joe Sarno would finally get the breakthrough film he deserved with this classic.


12-20-68, Chicago – Candy is one of the very few films featuring a galaxy of stars trying to get into the Comedic Counter Culture and actually getting away with it. With Ewa Aulin, a great soundtrack, and a number of familiar faces, it was a glorious mess.CHI1-3-69CANDY-2

1-3-69, Week Three in Chicago


2-21-69, Chicago – the first showing of an almost year long happening at the Loop!


5-16-69, Toledo, Vixen at the Westwood!


Phoenix 4-26-69 – Tinto Brass’ Deadly Sweet has one of it’s few play dates. A very stylish film, it later turned into a serious cult classic.


5-2-69, Chicago – Jess Franco’s flick hits the Windy City – Unrated, but it would either be a self-implied R or X.


5-2-69, Kansas City – Actually, Deadly Sweet was made before Candy, but it works!


…While in Chicago Jess Franco’s Succubus a cool hit flick was causing some sensation in the Windy City.


…and 99 Women was playing  Abileme


5-9-69, Kansas City – Playing at the Astro, a lesser screen compared to the Strand, but still a part of Adult movie history.


6-6-69, Lubbock, TX


8-3-69, Dubuque, Iowa – More crazy and sexy Mondo action.


8-15-69, Paranoia – Although Unberto Lenzi is known to many for his cannibal films, his history had a hell of a lot more than them. This was possibly his Stateside breakthrough, released through Commonwealth United (Venus in Furs).


9-12-69, Chicago – This was more of a Self-Implied X film, but it was still a sexy hit flick. I’m sure a lot of guys were thinking of the whole film at that time.


9-9-69, Dixon, Illinois – By this time, the mysterious “Call the Theater” ads were showing up on a more regular basis.
KANSAS-CITY-9-5-699-5-69, Kansas City


9-19-69, San Antonio – A more visual ad for this classic.


9-26-69, San Bernardino – I, a Woman 2 opens up Chevron’s status as a Distributor for a year leading to the releases of films like Ann and Eve before quickly fading out with the Blood Suckers/Blood Thirst double bill.


10-24-69, Chicago – Radley Metzger was releasing a lot of high quality films that were still looked down upon by snobs who were wanting less of anything erotic on the screen. Thankfully, there was a time when the public wanted this.


While in San Antonio, The Libertine was in Week #3!


10-3-69, Danville –  Mah Na Mah Na! – The classic Sweden Heaven and Hell was the kind of Mondo some wee looking for at the time.


10-31-69, Chicago


11-14-69, Moving into the Drive Ins and the suburbs,


11-21-69, A very strong Drama about Heroin, sex, and more Heroin, More is a great film to check out although it is a bummer. The Pink Floyd soundtrack (released on Tower) is worth listening to. Mimsy Farmer is great, showing her abilities as a actress outside of the Hollywood Exploitation scene where she was a part of.


12-13-69, Toledo


9-2-69, Toledo – Although Satan’s Sadists turned into an official R Rated movie by 1970, some theaters decided to brand it X due to the raw madness that was in it.


9-26-69, San Antonio


10-31-69, Chicago – The breakthrough film for Cinemation might have been spreading it’s influence in an area to area basis, but it did have quite an effect.


11-7-69, Toledo


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3 Responses to “Back Again! Sin in the Cinema, Nov. 1968-1969”

  1. The Pix,now the Fonda Theatre,was on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood,California.

    • Thanks! I got the ad from a Van Nuys paper, and was posting very quickly, so that might explain the error in the first posting.

  2. Thanks! To those who are interested – Hollywood and Vine is where the Capitol Records building is.

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