RIP Gunnar Hansen – Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remembered, Part One


RIP, Gunnar Hansen.

10-25-74, In Toledo at the Colony. I will whip up something more about TCM sometime soon, but for now I will offer a couple of ads from my area of The US in Toledo, a couple from Chicago, and a few from it’s 1976 hit appearance as part of a double feature with Torso. In it’s original runs, starting from it’s 10-1-74 showings in Austin that sparked off a long run Bryanston had a number of films that it could pair Tobe Hooper’s classic with including Return of the Dragon and any one of their Horror films including Andy Warhol’s Dracula/Blood for Dracula. By 1976, Brenner got Distribution rights and paired it off with one of their more recent pick-ups in Sergio Martino’s Torso released in The US in 1974 to some success, but in the end we all know that Leatherface was the real star of the show!

It’s 1976 run with Torso was a part of the trend for Distribution companies to offer Double features to the slowly dying number of screens that were still Exploitation-friendly that was one of the ultimate marks of the Late 70’s Exploitation scene, and it was with great luck that it wound up with a company that still had some pull. Joseph Brenner Associates would also have more Last Stop-era success with another pairing of Dario Argento’s Suspiria and Umberto Lenzi’s Eyeball in 1979 as well as the classic Inframan in 1976 and 1977. Hansen’s classic performance was already iconic and would turn into a controversial and highly respected mark of Horror Cinema and cinema in general through the years with the film’s intensity and raw force.

You can read more about it here…

By 1982, New Line was playing TCM on a regular basis and in 1984, there was a 10 Year celebration of it’s groundbreaking success through another re-issue. TCM is a film that deserves all the re-issues it can as it is a classic and should be seen all interested in Horror and in the evolution of American Cinema.


11-1-74, Chicago

SAN-ANTONIO-1-30-76 (2)

1-30-76, San AntonioSAN-ANTONIO-2-6-76

2-6-76, San Antonio


3-26-76, Detroit


4-9-76, Chicago


5-7-76, Lubbock. TX


5-14-76, Terre Haute


El Paso 9-3-76

9-3-76, Greenville, Miss.


9-17-76, Pittsburgh


9-17-82, Detroit


5-25-84, Detroit!


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