Gruesome Twosome/Something Weird (1967-8) – Classic and Class-SICK ads of Sickening Horror On the Double!


4-5-68, Durham, NC – The duo also showed up in San Antonio on 3-27-68. Reportedly, these films played in the Summer of ’67 as well, but I should find out soon (The AFI reported the San Antonio date as the earliest showing).

It’s time to take another trip into HG Lewis’ twisted world of Gore, Thrills, Chills, More Gore, and Something Weird! This diabolic duo toured around The US from Late March, 1968 and filling up the screens with as much crazy sights as possible. The Gruesome Twosome was filmed around Early 1967 (my guess was that it was possibly after filming  A Taste of Blood), and Something Weird was reported that to have been completed in 1966. In the wild time that Lewis was involved with about 9 films, including the never-released An Eye for an Eye, the chronology was a little confusing, but always interesting to figure out.

The ads for the Double feature seriously rank among Lewis’ best. They had a number of styles and most of them are damn cool – I still have not seen the hand-written bill, though! Here’s a selection of those ads!



9-27 and 28, Tuscon, AZ



10-11-68, San Bernardino


10-20-68, Paris, TX


12-14-68, Kansas City

TUSCON-11-1-6811-1-68, Tuscon


2-14-69, Toledo


5-16-69, St. Joseph, MO. A page next to it had this. I wonder if the editor knew…



1-8-72, MiamiCALI11-10-72

11-10-72 (advertising for 11-18), Oxnard, California

Anderson, IN 10-5-73


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