A Smell of Honey a Swallow of Brine! (1966)


Lubbock, TX – 9-23-66

All together now…

David F. Friedman’s A Small of Honey, a Swallow of Brine is one of the great Roughie films along with The Defilers, and while some might think of it as an almost-Roughie, this has at least the basic ingredients that makes the genre work including being shot in Black and White with the style of a scandal tabloid or a paperback bought at that dirty book store near the theater (or in some cases in), with a story line that’s not “Correct” filled with a Loser’s Alley of characters that were hard-bitten – although in Friedman’s world, the women still had to be very attractive. The sordid tale of the ultimate tease who dates them then cries Rape, played very well by Stacey Walker, is serious Trash Drama which has quite an edge. The film is rich in ugliness through it’s hotness provided by Walker in an performance which showed that she could have went further if she wanted to, and even the appearance by the Garage Band Et Cetra gives it that low level club style so perfect with it’s story. (Trivia – a couple members of the bar band wound up in another Something Weird favorite, Mondo Mod, as members of The Group – not to be confused with The Group of Bummer…WHEW!!!)

Seriously, the Fine Arts Drive In ad is dead straight PERFECT to start off this with!


To add onto the class, Laszlo Kovacs’ camera work is sharp and the appearance by Sam Neville before his rise to stardom adds to the good acting in this film. The film was Directed by Byron Made which led to a string of successes for a couple of years.


11-12-66, San Antonio


3-24-67, Amarillo, TX at the Trail, a Drive In that would close by 1971 (last films I think were Edde and something called Jemco)


6-9-67, Chicago at the Plaza Art – The Town Underground was in it’s brief serious Art Film era at that time.

12-1-67, Miami – The ad did not show the titles, but…

…the listings did!


3-1-68, Long Beach with Roman Polanski’s Repulsion!

David F. Friedman in one of his many cameos!


…and another one!


12-13-66, Long Beach – This show features her charming short made just before her exit.


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