Shiver of the Vampires and The Demoniacs – Jean Rollin Classics in Screen 13’s Last Stop Theater

11-11-77, Corpus Christi


11-14-77, Corpus Christi – Playing with a classic that’s now a part of the Kino/Lorber series of discs. Now you can enjoy a Last Stop Theater presentation in your home in Blu!

Another Jean Rollin Night at the Last Stop Theater in the Scene, and that’s something to celebrate. Although Requiem for a Vampire is a Drive In Legend under it’s Caged Vampires title as well as being Virgins and Vampires, thanks to being released in The States through Boxoffice Internatonal, not much is known about the US release of The Demonicas and Shiver of the Vampires, the later under the title Strange Things Happen at Night.

I think that I did something about Shiver back in the first year of this, and it’s great to know that my opinion that these are atmospheric and sexy Horror films that are seen best at night still stays. It’s even better that it played with one of the lesser known Rollin films that deserves a little more respect than it gets. Marie-Pierre Castel is really stunning in this film as well as Kuelan Herce while everyone else is just as cool.




In this capture of the Demonicas press book from the DVD, you can tell that this only had two main distribution areas in The States. Clark Films was a noted Distributor in Florida who handled a lot of independent Exploitation through The 60’s and 70’s while Independent Film Artists were a West Coast company that had a few titles through The 70’s before fading away. Sadly, I don’t think this even touched the Detroit, Toledo, or Chicago areas due to a lack of representation in the Midwest (unless if someone can bring up some information that there was…I hope this happens).

Of course, back then these films were promoted like every other Horror Sexploitation flick, but they must have had their small audience. One could imagine what it was back in the day for the area’s movie ghoul that was into these films for life and having to go to the small theaters or Drive Ins that were fading away to catch these films, sometimes running for three days while catching the Late Movies on TV and maybe collecting those rare Prog records (of which the soundtrack to Shiver seriously sounds like!) and maybe even checking out on the then-young Punk scene (Fans of The Damned, especially!) as the dates for these showings might prove. To be honest, thinking back on my VHS world back in The 80’s, I would have been someone like that!

The world of Independent Film Distribution in the Late 70’s was a fading light, but it was determined to have as many interesting films as it can. Thankfully, it caught some of the work by one of the best!


10-7-77, El Paso


12-16-77, El Paso – Yes, Kids got a bargain for this show!

The Demoniacs was released through Something Weird video as part of Frank Henenlotter’s Sexy Shockers collection (#61) while Strange Things Happen at Night was reportedly also released through the company before Redemption unleashed it’s presentations. The history of these releases should always be remembered leading up to the great discs that are around today. Back in the Late 70’s, these were only a part of the number of films that traveled here and there like ghosts attracting the few who wanted more and got it through the VHS days.

Now just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale…but not as innocent!


Once again in this Blog, we meet up with the presence of Joelle Coeur as part of the band of Pirates while Patricia Hermenier and Lieva Lone are our star Demoniacs who were raped by Pirates and then given supernatural powers to wreck revenge. The clown, here played by Mireille Dargent), is a regular vision of Rollin’s films, and in this case it’s the character who greets them to the castle where they receive their powers.



Phoenix 6-8-77 – This was the kind of triple bill that brought in the regular Sexploitation/Horror crowd thanks to the hit film advertised on top. Still, I wonder that they thought of Rollin’s world of Sexy Euro Gothic Horror. Although seriously perfect for us who get into all of these films, I’m sure the more Mainstream of the audience would think this an odd mix despite sticking around as they still had the essential element of good looking women. While The Demoniacs is less Gothic in tone than most Rollin films, it still has the style, you should get into it as quick.


At the time these films were playing their small round of showings, Schoolgirl Hitchhikers and Fly Me the French Way were also flying around The States as well. Interesting, and seriously perfect. Thankfully, these films (yes, even Schoolgirl Hitchhikers despite the fact that it should have an official DVD instead of the Grindhouse Experience disc) are attracting more fans these days.

Yes, that was the poster for Shiver you saw in that cap from Fly Me the French Way!


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