Things That Go Shriek in the Night – Shock Show Memories – Part 2


Corsicana, TX – 7-10-63

Tonight, I feel like adding more to the Spook Show fun and thrills, and starting things off is an ad for Dr. Satan’s Shrieks in the Night, “Plus Horrific Movie”. According to the Monsters Crash the Pajama Party DVD notes by Jim Ridenour, the show as credited to Johnny Cates. According to my research so far, this ran up until the Mid 60’s (possibly ’63).


3-22-61, Freeport, TX – Here’s one of the many ads used to promote the show, a regular practice then.


The regular movie ads were seriously regular Column-Wide and very long with a lot of cool graphics and gimmicks sued to bring in the audience. Reportedly, the women on the stage were generally accepted by the audiences.


Lock Haven, Penn 9-12-67


Hobbs, NM, 7-4-60

Dr. Evil’s show, mainly ran by Phillip Morris, with some units ran by Jim Marshall (From MI!), sparked interest in the show by placing small ads in the classified ads that were either hyping the show or wanting beautiful women to preform the magic tricks on the stage. This usually worked wonders for the advertising and it’s budget, although some took the Monster ads seriously! The show ran up until the Late 70’s making one of the longest-running shows of it’s kind.


74-60. Hobbs. NM – Click on the image for the full view!


Here’s one from Nashua, NH, 9-23-77 – Looking a bit like a Punk Show flyer! CHI4-26-62SHOCKSHOW

4-26-62, Chicago – Several shows had smaller ads like this, but they got the word out.


5-10-56, New Philadelphia  PA – Here is the Kong-a-rific hype for Dr. Jekyll’s Weird Show. Yowsa!


9-14-62, Chicago – A couple of thee ads have to be repeated – a little while ago I did a good selection of classic Starlite DI ads, but I hope that the link shows up at the end of this post if you’re reading it on it’s own and not part of the whole blog.


11-2-62. Chicago, there’s at least an ad that was from the B&L chain that had a Shock Show that looked too cool to miss!


10-25-63, Toledo – Looking good!


10-31-65, Toledo – Some cool special Halloween shows were not Spook Shows, but serious cool all nighters like this!


7-31-70, Windsor – Check this out,or…


…check this out! The ad for The Whip and the Flesh would be tamed next year.



8-15-59 – Winding this up with a look at Dr. Macabre’s Frightmare of Movie Monsters , which I think was ran by Joe Karston which had a unit ran by Johnny Cates, the one who brought Ridenour in to work for the show. in San Pedro.

Stay tuned, Part 3 is in the plans! Pleasant Nightmares!


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