The Jezebels or Switchblade Sisters, Whatever You Call It, It’s a Classic


6-27-75 – Albuquerque

The story of Jack Hill’s Switchblade Sisters is already legendary. Released under two different names in the same year by Centaur and later under it’s changed company name of Surrogate, first as The Jezebels and then quickly as Switchblade Sisters, it sadly under-performed under either title. A re-release by MPM as Playgirl Gang did a little better through The 80’s and a VHS release brought the film to more attention (it wound up in a party store in my area that had a short time with video rentals).

Through reputation and especially through recent DVD releases (most importantly by Rolling Thunder), it finally has achieved a major cult following. It’s a classic!

Here’s a selection of ads that might help place a perfect time-frame on the release of this film.


5-2-75, San Antonio under the Jezebels title.



A 5-3-75 showing in Panama City, FLA had it under it’s first title


7-11-75, Chicago


10-22-76, Terre Haute, Indiana


10-2-81, Detroit playing the MPM pick-up re-titled release.

~ by screen13 on October 31, 2015.

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