Happy Halloween! Some October Shock Shows and Spook-tacular Ads through the Years


10-31-58, Toledo

Halloween, or even a few weeks leading up to it, was a special time in Horror Movie History when the theaters would go out of their way to entertain the audience with a Horror Marathon or the “Spook Show”. It was mainly a good night out with some ghoulish fun, shocks, and cool (and, yes, usually cheap) gimmicks back in the days when there were a lot of theaters that would have no problems setting it up – although sometimes having a few on the clean-up, of course. This post is to simply celebrate the classic times and ads that I came across through my research, and I hope you will have some fun looking at them.

For this post, I am focusing on those I have spotted playing in October, to mainly get this post done in time for the night. More posts will follow later on, so stay tuned!


This “Scream Show” with Garganta was one that had some popularity through the classic years based on the King Kong style of entertainment. This was from 10-12-56, Chicago. The “2 Horrific Pictures” were not named in this ad, ut I hope that they were good ones!


10-26-56, Toledo – In my early days of researching these ads, I went straight to the place I knew them most, which was the Glass City. this looked like a good show following their regular programming.


10-29-64, Miami – The “Weird Show” was another performance that was programmed through the years.


The Shrieks in the Night show was one that was seriously popular through the years.


This Mansfield, OH ad from 10-10-57 might be one of the safe-to-publish ads, but…


It’s got Wood! Ed Wood’s Bride of the Monster, that is! Dig that crazy ad!


This ad from Nashua, New Hampshire is a bonus in this post as it’s from 12-6-57



Note how more MM is shown here!



10-5-63, Pittsburgh


10-18-63, Toledo


10-25-63, Toledo


10-30-66. Chicago


10-28-68, Chicago, including a show that I will be focusing on soon!


Kittanning, PA – 10-30-70 – Hemisphere’s Blood Show that was a popular programmer for a few year before the company focused on Swingin’ Stewardesses and Young Seducers.



Spokane 10-30-70


10-13-72, Kansas CIty with a great Friday the 13’th program!


10-27-72, Chicago, with Dr. X!!!


10-3-69, Odessa, TX – Now HERE’S a Horror Happening Ad!!!



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