They Call Her One Eye, I Call it a Classic!


4-26-74, Chicago

Christina Lindberg’s legendary appearance in Thriller: A Cruel Story promoted in The States as They Call Her One Eye will be forever remembered as both the spark for Kill Bill (as well as possibly several other films with the jacket sans patch – I’ll agree that the look might have sparked Keanu Reeves’ look in The Matrix which would be a cool thing *), and most importantly, a very powerful performance. A twisted, sexy. sadistic, and bleak film, it’s one of the many movies those who are interested in the darker side of 70’s Cinema has to see. The final scenes are great revenge film making and Lindberg’s look is way too cool for words!. It was banned in Sweden for a long time, but thankfully it’s DVD appearances have done justice to the film.

Directed by Bo Arne Vibenius under the name of Alex Fridolinski, the film appeared at the right time when Exploitation was seriously moving into a harder edge to compete with the Porn that was taking over a lot of the American cinema scene that was not connected to the majors. Released by AIP, sometimes under the United Producers Releasing Corp. banner, this was usually paired with Leon Capetanos’ Dirty O’Neil for double bills. Later on, in true Exploitation style, it would get another title and another double feature by the Late 70’s.The radio ad is a serious classic and a mark of who twisted the cinema scene was at the time – try to imagine being a kid listening to your parent’s favorite station in the car and then hearing THIS!


5-25-74 – Kansas City







6-21-74, Kittanning, PA


6-21-74, Pittsburgh – Dirty O’Neil was the film promoted first in some areas, but One-Eye had that look which promoted the show most!




6-14-74, St. Joseph, MO, clearly the stand out show in this bunch. Still, Billy Jack was a film for the time and Policewomen was another solid Lee Frost action flick.


10-12-74, Wilmington, NC – Using a rarely used Exorcist-inspired angle for this ad. School for Unclaimed Girls was another United Producers release.

Although it was a hit, it can possibly can be said that the film’s very quiet style was possibly not something an American audience was used to despite it’s quality while it’s stark Synesizer score that was perfect for the moive was a cold listen to those more used to something like the classic sounds of films like Shaft. Maybe a disappointing boxoffice led it to a couple of name changes through the next couple of years.





3-14-75, Chicago – By the next year, this was being marketed as Swedish Vice Girl in some markets. This was not the only Lindberg film to have received this treatment by this time – The Depraved was a film Distributed by Group 1 and was later turned into …


9-2-75 – High Point, NC – The Depraved under it’s Diary of a Rape title with Room of Chains. Diary… was a title that played for years.





12-5-75, Herrin, Illinois – The film later turned into Hooker’s Revenge by the end of 1975. Photographer’s Models was originally called The House of Whipcord, one of the films of Pete Walker that has a cult following today.


5-22-76, Adrian, MI – A far better ad featuring the Late 70’s double bill. Of course someone had to namedrop the classic Urban Action hit title Shaft!


* – I know I made a mention of the look sparking The Matrix in the early edition, but I edited it around. I still agree on that opinion, and it’s certainly meant to approve (it is a classic look!). For that patch, I wonder if that was a spark for Patch in 1975’s Switchblade Sisters/The Jezebels – again a good thing!



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One Response to “They Call Her One Eye, I Call it a Classic!”

  1. Love the last ad’s bottom line: ‘Open every night starting next Wednesday with two Disney movies’.
    Any chance you might cover some of the odd bills featuring Euro-westerns?
    For instance, one I attended: ‘My Name Is Nobody’/’American Graffiti’!

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