A Word of Thanks to AV Club and More to “Feast” On (Part 2)


I was whipping up a new article when I discovered that a link was directing people to this blog. I seriously say thanks! I hope that every visitor is enjoying this, and more articles/posts are on their way.

Plus, I would also like to thank the various groups I’m a part of on Facebook who are a major inspiration to this page including the Something Weird Video Fan Club, Psychotronic Movie Freaks, and Psychotronic Movies. Things are only starting, and there’s a lot more to do. I seriously hope you enjoy this ride through Sinema history.

I’m sure through the next few months, there will be more finds of ads related the Blood Trilogy, and here’s a couple that’s really special to me…


3-15-68, Tuscon – This classic showing of the Trilogy was topped off with a documentary of True Gang Murders! One of the more unique showings surrounding it’s history.


6-22-73 – Toledo!
Here’s a Midnight Movie showing of Blood Feast and Two Thousand Maniacs from the area I’m from which was sponsored by an AM Radio station WTTO that would be eclipsed by the FM Rock station WIOT. WTTO was seem by some as the Glass City’s WKNR and hosted some cool shows through the years.



Fresno 9-14-73 – Looks into the classic Double and Triple bills of the classic days. Many of them re-titles of class-sicks!


Carbondale, IL – 2-20-76, More Sexy 70’s


9-11-64, Pittsburgh – More Roughies


3-14-58, Toledo – More JD flicks


4-18-75, Troy, NY – More Sick 70’s


9-27-63, Toledo – More Cresse and Frost!


11-28-69, Toledo – More Wood! Plus more looks into Exploitation and Sexploitation theaters.


6-10-77, Albuquerque – More sleazy ads!


7-14-67, Chicago – More Groovy ads!


4-8-77. Palm Beach: More Something Weird-ness, more ads of showings of classic 60’s and Early 70’s flicks in the Late 70’s


Abilene, 11-16-56 – More WIP flicks (and of course more JDs, too!)


1-6-68, Fremont, CA – …and of course more HG Lewis!

In other words, more of what you’re enjoying now!

Once again, many thanks!


~ by screen13 on October 29, 2015.

One Response to “A Word of Thanks to AV Club and More to “Feast” On (Part 2)”

  1. I’m a refugee from the AV Club. I live for old, weird movie ads, so I’m very happy that article appeared.
    Fantastic work!

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