More to “Feast” On – Blood Feast Research Update


12-11-68, El Paso

This post focuses on a few other plays that Blood Feast had through the years “Back in the day” as they would say. It’s known that at least Blood Feast and 2,000 Maniacs made appearances at the Drive ins many times over with Color Me Blood Red joining in as well. There has been one addition to the First Run family of ad captures in this research update…


11-28-63, Starting Tomorrow ad, Charleston, W. Virginia, this time following the Chicago area run of Blood Feast and Scum of the Earth from September, 1963.


11-30-62, and…



Blood Feast’s reputation was so strong that even the ad art was used for other movies at Drive Ins!


Danville, VA, 9-20-68 – the image from Blood Feast here would not be used in the run, but here was a case of misleading advertising that at least for a HG Lewis film, in this cast A Taste of Blood with it’s regular B-slot Teenage Strangler, the noted Regional Horror (and future Mystery Science Theater 3000 favorite) picked up by Lewis to have a full program. This was a regular practice. Sometimes, it was a bit irritating, but sometimes they can actually be amusing in the long run.


4-18-69, San Bernardino – Although this was not a very exciting ad, the films were known enough to get the audience in.


9-10-71, Amarillo, TX – Pairing the first two of the Trilogy with Frankenstein Created Women and The Mummy’s Shroud. Great show!!!


9-4-77 – Blood Feast was mentioned in this interview with OJ Simpson! Chicago Tribune.


1-16-76, Chicago area – I’m sure I posted this a long time back, but it’s certainly worth repeating. The Trilogy played at these two Drive Ins, but…


…The 53 had it’s Freak on, too!!!


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