Blood Feast Research Update


8-8-63, Burlington, NC

Ever since I first posted about HG Lewis’ classic Blood Feast early this year, I knew that it was going to take a lot of work to gather up everything I could get in order to present this history the way I seriously wanted it. I’m sure that there will be a link to the original story at the end. So much time, and a lot of serious updates. It had it’s premiere on July 6, 1963 in Peoria, Illinois and after that, it was all one wild ride from there after taking it down to the Carolinas where Lewis’ films would be welcomed and then bringing it back to the Chicago area by August (the first part has that classic ad for the Drive In based run there).


Blood Feast is One of the 20 films that turned me onto this wild weird world of movies I live in, and I’m sure a favorite of everyone who visits this blog. It’s one of the films that has been reported on so much that nothing else needs to be said…or so some thought! Everyone knows about how it shook up the American movie scene with it’s butcher shop effects, Mal Arnold’s appearance as Fuad Ramses, Bill Kerwin’s very controlled appearance among all of the carnage, and Connie Mason being someone who looked hot in opera gloves, but the advertising that many know only a part of remains something to be looked at in as detailed of a way as possible.

We know the trailers and the classic ad art, but as this was a film that crept through The US hitting audiences that never knew that a film could go that far mainly due to the lack of laws on Gore on the screen, there’s something about that trip which only adds onto the magic of the film. Plus the ways the ads were censored in some areas is a study in advertising in itself,



8-9 and 10, Burlington, NC – Take note of the decreased use of graphics

Although many know about the Barf Bag gimmick, fans should also know about all of the other cool gimmicks that were presented including the nurses and ambulances – ad I’m sure that if the nurses were hot, some would fake a reason to get near to one of them! In the Chicago area , the film that was made before this trip, Goldilocks and The Three Bares would be playing the Capri, a theater owned by Tom Dowd.


10-31-63, Salt Lake City, Utah.


11-9-63, San Antonio


11-15-63, Syracuse, NY, with a special appearance by Baron Daemon!


12-10-63, El Paso


12-13-63, Tuscon


2-5-64, Eugene, Oregon




5-1-64, Eugene, Oregon

By this time, it was also played the Toledo area on 4-15-64 (and I’m sure Detroit…anyone know?!!!). The next film in The Trilogy, Two Thousand Maniacs! was making the rounds by this time.

In Lewis History, this around the time when Moonshine Mountain was being produced after splitting up with David F. Friedman.


8-30-64, Kansas City…here’s a trio of close ups!





9-10-64, Phoenix, Arizona


10-9-64, Miami – this ad had to be repeated!


9-10-65, El Dorado, Arkansas


10-20-65, Fresno, CA

Through 1965, Friedman would settle in Los Angeles creating a new life for himself in the Exploitation world moving on with the Sexploitation he would be known for while working with Dan Sonney. After completing Color Me Blood Red, he would move on to whip up The Defilers which would see play in the Fall of that year by the time the Trilogy would start appearing in all of it’s gory glory.


7-15-67, The Circle G Drive In would host the three films along with Love Goddess of Blood Island under it’s short lived AKA, Kiss Me Bloody.


7-10-69, Blood Feast would make the occasional appearance here and there with some very interesting choices for co-features.


6-26-70, Welcome, North Carolina


7-8-70, Toledo – I don’t know what brought these two together, but it did make a classic Something Weird Video combination!


10-29-71, Kittanning, PA


1-12-75, Fort Walton, Florida – how could they mess those titles up?!!!


1-23-76, Chicago area


10-8-76, Tuscon – some areas carried Devil Times Five (aka Horrible House on the Hill and People Toys) with the first two of the Trilogy


10-22-78, Returning to the 53!

To be continued!


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