The Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Woman Research Update plus The Blind Dead and Black Frankenstein


6-9-72, Alton, IL

La Noche de Walpurgis was marketed by Ellman enterprises as The Werewolf Vs. Vampire Woman after taking it to the MPAA around Late Mar./April, 1972 to get the R rating (Boxoffice Magazine, 4-2-72). A cool and somewhat atmospheric Horror co-starring Paul Naschy and Patty Sheppard, this had some success on the US Exploitation circuit through the 70’s and would later enjoy a good life on video when released as Blood Moon via Ariel International Releasing and very importantly by Something Weird Video as part of Frank Henenlotter’s Sexy Shockers collection under it’s theatrical title (#51). With a great DVD presented by Deimos a few years ago, it’s perfect to say that this is one of the serious stand outs in the Hombre Lobo series of films starring Naschy.

It must be noted that Director Leon Klimovsky made a true rarity that wound up being a part of the Something Weird Video collection – I Hate My Body – but that’s for later on.


6-19-72, Dubuque, Iowa


11-10-72, Pittsburgh – It’s been reported that Armando de Ossorio was inspired by a scene to whip up the leading zombies for The Blind Dead series. At the risk of turning this into more of a Blind Dead article, I will post whatever play dates info I have for it. Thanks to Hallmark having a stronger distribution, it’s no surprise that it did very well – not to mention the ads containing a mention of Last House on the Left in the Chicago ad.




1-19-73, Chicago


5-9-73, Bridgeport Conn


3-2-73, Toledo, bringing this article back to Hombre Lobo!


7-17-74, Clovis, New Mexico with two early Ellman pick-ups


8-30-74, As the B to Black Frankenstein. For the next few years, this would be the double bill Naschy’s classic would be seen in.


1-27-76, Detroit at The Fox!


8-20-76, Chicago – Not to be outdone, this also has the bad Horror classic Voodoo Black Exorcist!


To answer the question of where I Hate My Body would wind up playing – try Greenville, Miss. – 3-10-76!


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One Response to “The Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Woman Research Update plus The Blind Dead and Black Frankenstein”

  1. I saw both features, plus VOODOO BLACK EXORCIST (sand the VOODOO in the print ads), bacvk in Chicago’s Loop in 1976 or so.

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