Demon Witch Child – Research Update – Where Would This Play?!!!


11-26-76. Chicago…this actually got a Suburb and Drive In Run after it’s Downtown play.


9-17-76, Chicago

Those who have been interested in where Demon Witch Child would play have finally got an update. Armando de Ossorio’s movie has been a Bad Film favorite through the years thanks to being on video through companies like All Seasons Video (the version I first saw this under) and many Cult Movies sites branding this as one of the worst Exorcist Rip Offs in history. The saddest thing was that the Director is best known for a far superior series of films surrounding The Blind Dead, but no matter what one tries to convince others, this film keeps on coming back. Still, there are those of us who wonder where in the Hell this would play.


1-29-77, San Antonio


6-10-77. St/ Joseph. MO

Demon Witch Child;s first US appearances came in the wake of the small success of The House of Exorcism, a business-based re-edit of Mario Bava’s Lisa and The Devil which took the beautiful film to Exploitation-ready levels (and, yes, I’m guilty of liking The House). Surprisingly, I have not seen Demon Witch Child with that other 1976 hit To the Devil…A Daughter, which would have made a more thematically better fit.


Long Beach 11-23-77

Thanks to a very low end Distribution with Colosseum Films, which I think was a company called Athena for a while, this got the here-and-there treatment which was a mark of the final days of the classic Exploitation era. Thankfully, due to it’s Exorcist style story with some of the worst special effects ever and it’s compatibility with other Euro Horrors that were also floating around the Independent sector of the US film scene, it actually had a few dates.

Ellman  (of Panorama Blue fame) handled the film in a few other territories. This Long Beach showing had it with two far superior films from the Pacemaker library which have been regular staples on the Exploitation circuit.


8-19-78, Detroit…with the Urban Action flick Emma Mae.


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