In the Rough at the Fine Arts Drive In



This is where the going gets “Rough”! The Fine Arts Drive In was known for playing a lot of Sleaze which tested the limits and newspaper censors and their ads are a great collection of both the best and the most gutter-level of these films. The Sadistic Lover was from Mitam…and Something Weird Video fans know what I mean by that!


9-9-66. The Hunt is an AKA for The Rape, which was a Greek film that played a lot through that year and 1967. In Chicago, a theater actually named it after a Shakespeare story, The Rape of Lucrece  just to get away with playing the film!


10-7-66, Another Mitam film, this one winding up on a Something Weird Video DVD with Two Girls for a Madman. Tortured Females was even talked about in a post here some time back as well!


12-31-66, Happy New Roughie Year! Satan’s Mistress was the actual title for this, and it was also a Mitam film/


6-7-67,  Take Me is the Michael Findlay Art Roughie Take Me Naked. Opinions are divided, but it’s agreed upon that it is one of the films that decided to take chances. Chained Girls is about lesbian women in a time when that topic was still kept hush-hush. Both films were from American Films Distribution.




2-16-68…thinking one of the films is The Touch of Her Flesh.


11-16-44, David F. Friedman’s Defilers also made a stop at the Fine Arts!


12-6-67, Of course when you mention Friedman, you also have to mention Cresse. While the Continental got most of the Olympic International programs for the Lubbock area, the Fine Arts had a few.


12-9-67 – This was one Olympic’s double bills.




4-19-68, Still not able to say Sin in their ads! A cool double that looks like Joe Sarno’s Flesh and Lace and Michael Findlay’s sordid White Slave Burlesque class-sick, The Sin Syndicate.






12-7-68 – You Make Me Sick is a Mystery Movie to me. Still looking for anything about this one!


2-22-69 – Another Olympic International double feature,and a perfect way to end this part!

~ by screen13 on October 17, 2015.

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