The Defilers (1965) – This Post Is STAINED!


9-1-65, Kansas City – at the Sexploitation-Friendly Terrace Drive In at Lee’s Summit, MO

The David F. Friedman/Lee Frost sexy shocker proved to be a very popular attraction through The 60’s and it proved that there was a Roughie that could play beyond the usual round of screens and Adult Drive Ins. Byron Mabe as the lead psycho seriously proved his skill in front of the camera which led to a few TV roles and then being upstaged by the dogs in The Doberman Gang, but the real attraction is the one-shot film starlet Mai Jansson.


10-9-65, San Antonio – The Prince was a theater that closed up circa 1969.

The first appearance of The Defilers was around the time Color Me Blood Red was unleashed. Before this release, Friedman moved to Los Angeles after a business argument with Herschell Gordon Lewis and settling with Stan Kholberg, the co-producer of the Blood Trilogy.

After meeting up with Dan Sonney and teaming up with Sonney Amusements, which I think A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine was it’s final film, they formed FSP before EVI finally turned into Friedman’s main business concern in the Late 60’s.

By 1966 Kholberg was playing Blood Feast, 2,000 Maniacs, and Color Me Blood Red as a full show while The Defilers was hitting the Adult circuit.


12-31-65, Roughie New Year in Fresno!


6-10-66, Danville, Virginia when the South had visuals in the ads!


8-12-66, Troy, NY


1-22-67, Charleston, West Virginia



4-14 and 4-22, 1967, Chicago – One of Friedman’s main business bases back in the days when he was working with Kroger Babb at Modern Film with the legendary Roadshows including Mom and Dad.


10-17-67, Pittsburgh at the Art Cinema – of course they knew what image to promote!


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