Last Stop on the Night Train – Euro Horror Journey Through the States


5-28-76, Chicago

Aldo Lado’s The Last Stop in the Night Train has turned into one of the favorites of Horror movie fans thanks to the great DVD release by Blue Underground under it’s Night Train Murders title, obviously making viewers where it would play back in the day as it was unleashed Stateside through the final days of what could be termed the Grindhouse era of American Cinema. In The US, the film was but through “The Grind” after being picked up by Bryanston, the infamous company created out of monies earned by Deep Throat, but as you can tell it was released around the time that they slipped away with some very infamous stories in it’s history (Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans like me will already know them) – Those who were regular customers of budget DVDs back when they were regular fixtures at big stores will remember the name on some Brentwood releases when it was reactivated.

The logo is pretty funky, too! Some consider it scary, but Screensters will seriously dig it with the 70’s Moog Mania going on.

HIGHPOINT8-6-768-6-76, High Point, NC

Although the ads used the famous “It’s Only a Movie” line made famous in The 70’s through Last House on the Left to suggest something similar to the classic, the film starring Irene Miracle and Laura D’Angelo as the victims and Flavio Bucci and Gianfranco De Grassi as the psychos has a serious intensity that has been argued by a few fans as being better than Last House (despite the opening theme’s vocals). While I leave that debate to others, let’s look into the actual history of it’s American release history under it’s several titles.



3-4-77, Albany, GA

By Early 1977, the film turned into Xmas Massacre based on the time of the year the story is based. In this Albany, GA showing, someone decided to play the very eerie Silent Night Bloody Night as the B. And it was a Buck Night!


5-13-77 – Albuquerque, NM – Central Park Media was also behind the re-issue of Andy Warhol’s Dracula/Blood for Dracula under the Young Dracula title that played around this time, too. Take notes! The “Deep Teeth” line was kind of clever knowing that it was originally released through Bryanston.


7-22-77, WIlmington, NC – Notice something familiar?

NOTE: Last House Part 2 might also be a re-release of Mario Bava’s A Bay of Blood/Twitch of the Death Nerve…I hope that someone will clear this up going through their memories. No matter what the film was that played under the title, the story is all a classic part of the Fool the Public style of advertising that ran amok in the Late 70’s as both films are great. Still I think that Last Stop is a better fit, although the Chicago play date below might be Bava’s classic.


Chicago 10-21-77

Hallmark Distribution, the company that whipped Last House on the Left onto many screens through The 70’s, quickly re-titled it Last House Part 2. This pairing is very cool as it’s double the Euro Horror and double the Morricine soundtracks! To those new to The Grind, The School that Couldn’t Scream is What Have You Done to Solange starring Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave!).

Hallmark is reportedly connected to Judd Parker Films and Parker National, based in Boston – Central Park might be an AKA to connect it’s films with New York City’s 42’nd Street district that was a perfect fit for it’s films, so you might say that it’s post-Bryanston history of 70’s US play dates is all connected to one company.


1-13-78, Detroit, just before the infamous Blizzard hit the area.

The House by the Hill is a Temple of Schlock Mystery Movie that has been discussed about there. Click on the link to get the following story…(and check out the comments, too!)


12-9-77, West Palm Beach, FLA.

By 1978, it was being carried as The New House on the Left! This release was carried through Central Park Media as well. Central Park – Judd PARK-er Films? Could be!


10-20-78, Toledo



8-17-79. Toledo

While the mystery of House by the Hill has not been solved yet, at least you know a little about the life of a great Euro Horror through the Late 70’s Grindhouse scene.


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