Ed Wood Celebration, Part 4 – Plan 9 from Outer Space!


12-22-58, East Liverpool, OH

OK, I will lay some personal experience on you. The first time catching Plan Nine from Outer Space was actually one of the very first times I saw the kinds of films I love today. This was on Channel 7/WXYZ in Detroit, and once you scroll down to the end of this post, you will find a song that’s very much a part of me.that will connect with that story.

Plan 9 From Outer Space was one of the films that seriously connected to the night time and the end of the first Rock and Roll era, faults and all. DCA put it through a very low-level release, usually putting it as a B to some of its other films after it’s first play as Grave Robbers from Outer Space in 1957 (March 15). To the Mainstream of life, it was not so special, but to the movie ghouls it had something special that was possibly got on intuition more than a gut level “I love it” style, and reportedly it was a hit in New York City.

It’s promotion was not so big, but still connected with The Big Beat that was being shoved out of the way especially with one of it’s co-features and it’s later love from the Punk Rock world that also connected to the Late Night TV Horror Shows would only confirm it’s status as an ultimate cult film. Vampira was fading as a face on the scene and Bela Lugosi passed away on Aug. 16, 1956, so there was hardly any star level outside of the cult celebrity of Criswell. It’s general release was at the end of a decade and the end of the Rock and Roll era that both the legendary TV hostess and legendary Horror star were a serious part of – although it took some serious looking back to catch the feeling. The cool thing was that it’s ghostly appearance through The US at Drive Ins and lower-level theaters plus a few good level screens was so here and there with many other classic cult film that it only added to the (dare I get pretentious) mystique,

It was planned as cool stuff to fill the screens, but it turned out to be much more after it’s release!


9-12-58, Waxahachie, TX – DCA played it with the sexy Jungle Goddess flick Liane, Jungle Goddess, a German film that seriously made good use of it’s star attraction, Marion Michael. Even at this stage, Plan 9 was paired with fitting films that were a part of the Pop Culture fringe.


12-21-58, East Liverpool, OH


10-3-58, Alamogordo, NM – a pairing that was not as effective was with The Golden Age of Comedy. Despite the legendary talents in the compilation film, it was a slightly odd fit for the out-there Sci Fi adventure.


10-2-59, Oneonta, NY – One of it’s 1959 shows was with the classic Alan Freed film Go Johnny Go, yet another mark of the ending of 50’s Rock culture with star Alan Freed already finding trouble with his career after the Payola hearings.


9-11-59, Sikeston, MO – Adding onto the Rock and Roll connection with a JD film in it’s set!

PLAN 9 TOLEDO 100359

10-3-59, The Palace in Toledo was a screen that showed a number of JD films and even the occasional risky film. .


11-1-59, Corpus Christi, TX – The Big Beat was still alive and with both films showing on an held over performance!


North Adams, Mass. – 12-5-59 – Sadly, I still have to see an ad for Plan 9 with Time Lock, but it also played with a number of good programmers.


12-31-59, Athens, TX – Very fitting! I can imagine a few of the audience arguing over who was hotter, Vampira or the Devil Girl. Or maybe some of the audience had some very good memories!


5-6-60, Odessa, TX


6-18-60. Salem, OH


12-20-60, San Rafalel, CA – A TV appearance under it’s original name!


7-15-61 – Dueling Lugosis! Bloomington, Indiana


8-24-68, Ottawa, CA

Once it started playing on Late Night TV as early as 1961, it finally found it’s true audience of people staying awake catching the Horror show. Kids not old enough to drive with parents not interested in going to Horror or Sci films, people who was more of the night, insomniacs, and those of like minds caught the film through the years all connected to it, damn the critics. Thanks to Time Burton’s Ed Wood from 1994 and may tributes through the years in many forms, it will never leave us.

Here’s that song! A classic from the Machine Gun Etiquette album.

And now for our bonus feature!!!

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  1. So much I have never seen before. I commend you for all of the doubtless hard work finding these gems.

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