The Perverted Pick-Up Import Art of Olympic International, Part One


11-2-67, Van Nuys – A film directed by legendary film maker Koji Wakamtsu possibly made specially for Olympic International and is now lost.

Through the Late 60’s, Bob Cresse’s Olympic International was a specialist in very kinky films for the day, especially including films Directed by R. Lee Frost including Love Camp 7, The Animal, and Hot Spur, and the classic “Mondo” series of films (Mondo Bizarro, Mondo Freudo…) as well as the Cressa Roma presentation of Ecco which was picked up to great success by AIP. Outside of that respected line of films lays a very interesting collection of films picked up for US release mainly from France and Japan containing subjects that were made with a little more extremity than what was going on in The States at the time. True, the Roughie scene was already into the forbidden, but the films imported into The States had a serious kick and style to them which gave them a little more edge than the usual. This was already proved by some offerings released through Radley Metzger’s Audubon, Stanley Bordon’s American Films Distribution, and Joseph Brenner, but Olympic International had an artful kind of darkness surrounding a lot of it’s ad campaigns which made them stand out and not just for their connection to Bob Cresse.


11-18-66, Lubbock, TX – A lost film Directed by one-flick wonder Takashi Shiga (thinking it’s not the real name…anyone know about this?). Among it’s cast is Masayoshi Nogami, a legendary actor who passed away in 2010 (also to be found in Naked Pursuit).

Olympic had a line of films made in Japan, as Cresse reportedly liked to see it’s women on the screen – and other kink and fetish to be shown and exploited. Friend and competitor David F. Friedman was no fan of this collection of this collection (“They were terrible, JUST TERRIBLE!”), but today’s interest in the darker side of Japan’s film history might connect at least with the films breaking the ground for the interest in extreme films that are talked about by a select group of fans. Sadly, like The Love Robots and Hentai, they remain lost, possibly with the only prints being part of the collection that was thrown out before it was saved, but at least a few of the films survived and the exploitation ads can be seen.


10-27-67, Van Nuys – Bob Cresse had a way of selling this stuff. I’m still waiting for the day when a print of The Love Robots is found – we need to see it!


11-3-67, Corpus Christi, TX – the small Love Robots ad.


El Paso, 10-4-67 – The Trail telling you that these passed Customs! Not too effective, but still a little interesting.


1-27-67, Tuscon


1-6-67, Van Nuys

Heat of Midnight is one of the films of Max Pecas released through Olympic International with a very stylish ad campaign.


2-18-67, Van Nuys

Massacre of Pleasure was one of the more successful of this bunch. Banned in France at the time and cut for a UK release, Directed by Jean-Pierre Bastid, This film had a fate that all of these Imported pick-ups where Cresse took out most of the scenes involving that four-letter word called plot and added in more smut. Gotta love them!


4-1-67, San Antonio – The Prince would sadly close up shop in 1969. This is a Crime Drama featuring all of the things that make a low-down film perfect for The Scene – whipping, Heroin, shackles, bondage, grime, crime, and The City Solution…OK I’ll try to stop with the 80’s Underground band puns (maybe!). Here, the B will be an Olympic International films Directed by Saul Resnick that will be presented by Something Weird Video (and you should see it!!!).


5-13-67, Lubbock, TX, with a state-made nudie as the B feature! Yes, Something Weird Video has both!


1-8-68, Long Beach – Massacre of Pleasure was later advertised with a not so flattering campaign. Thankfully, this Pussycat Theater chain showing had a nice ad for another pick-up in Night Woman. The later film was made by Claude Lelouch of A Man and a Woman fame made before making the breakthrough movie (if you have the theme playing in your head now, you are one of us!). Yes, the guy is the gang leader and will possibly give you nightmares.


3-17-67, Lubbock, TX – Night Women at the Continental Cinema.


12-6-67, Lubbock again, this time at the Fine Arts, a Drive In that will be featured in a post soon. You know you’re going to love it (or use it to blame me for your love of Sixties Sleaze!). This ad uses the familiar Eye of Ecco.


4-24-65, San Antonio – Jose Benazeraf’s Night of Lust at the Prince along with House on Bare Mountain featuring Bob Cresse in the Screen 13 Award-Winning performance as Granny Good! – I decided to keep in the ad for Continental’s (Night of the Living Dead) release of Slave Trade in the World Today at the Towns Twin – they just seemed perfect together!!!

Cathal Tohill and Pete Tombs’ essential read Immoral Tales had an interview with the Director  – P. 216: “(Dick Randall) came to see me one day. He was representing a guy in Los Angeles who was more or less a gangster (Bob Cresse). He wanted to buy a little film of mine called CONCERTO DE LA PEUR. To me it was new selling to the Americans. But he payed me cash-10 or 15 thousand dollars. Not a lot of money but it was only a couple of weeks shooting. I made my films quickly even in those days. I asked him if he wanted a contract and he said “No-why bother?” He had a big success with that film in the states. It was called NIGHT OF LUST over there.”


4-28-67, Chicago – Night Women at the World, a theater that would close up shop by 1971. In the Early 70’s, many theaters of the 50’s and 60’s Adult movie scene would face some serious competition from Porno theaters that would usually move the business to the new breed (and this also happened in Canada – The Mall closed by 1973 with the Ottawa’s Porno District moving in, and not even Late Night marathons could save it.)




June 14, 16, and 17, Lubbock, TX – Gilbert Wolmark’s Little Girls had quite a campaign which seriously tested the limits and taste. A tale of prostitution (and whipping), this had another Cresse Edit in it’s US release featuring more scenes made in The US.


10-6-67, Tuscon – CENSORED!


3-29-68, Long Beach playing with Olympic’s Japanese pick-up The Adolescent, which leads us to…


7-14-67, San Antonio…well, let’s just say that Director Osamu Yamashita played The Marquis de Sadao in Koji Wakamatsu’s Zoku Mihon boko ankokkushi: Bogyakuma and made a number of Japan’s trailblazing erotic films and also helped on the legendary Director’s Violated Angels. It’s also available through Something Weird Video. I have not seen it, but as this post is about Olympic international, an ad has to be presented.


12-9-67, Lubbock..and it even played the Fine Arts Drive In. Forbidden is another home-grown Mondo featuring some cool staged scenes although it was not as good as either Mondos Freudo or Bizarro (and you should see Mondo Bizarro!)


Van Nuys 10-6-67 – A film by Max Pecas

check out the clip here…


4-12-67, Lubbock – apparently the Continental had a good connection with Olympic.


Van Nuys, 12-8-67 – The Slave is a Max Pecas film featuring some of the cast from Torment. Other Pecas films ere presented in The US through Metzger’s Audubon. Here, the B is very fitting for a Pecas Double Feature!


1-26-68, San Antonio


3-8-68, Corpus Christi – The Slaves in a seriously cool ad campaign. The Fanny Hill film here is one of three Barry Mahon films that were supposed to be a step up for the Nudie film maker, but were among his last Adults only films (he turned to family fare by 1969),


7-6-78. Lubbock, TX – a classic double feature, and one I will stop this post with. Texas Sleaze perfection with Olympic International Import Sleaze = can’t top this!


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3 Responses to “The Perverted Pick-Up Import Art of Olympic International, Part One”

  1. The Psychedelics???

  2. Very interesting post! The US showing of Japanese pink films in the ’60s & ’70s is an interesting topic, and one I can find very little information about. Have you been able to locate the Time, Playboy & Esquire articles discussing ‘Eroductions’ mentioned in the letter?

    By the way, Takashi Shiga didn’t make only one film. I have found images to a couple other films:

    His entry at JMDb lists five films made between 1965 & 1969:

    Since coverage of the early days of Pink/Eroduction even in Japanese sources is still far from complete, I wouldn’t be surprised if he made more.

    — Dekkappai

    • Thanks! I seriously hope to catch any of the articles. One of the coolest things about Olympic International was what it picked up in that field which made it some kind of trend-setter. The more I research, the more I have seen some successes for a few of these films, but I;m planning a post on it very soon,

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