Ed Wood on the Scene, Part 3, Shotgun Wedding (1963)

TOLEDO 5-22-65

Toledo, 5-22-65

In the tradition of Baby Doll Meets the Beverly Hillbillies, Directed by Boris Petroff (Anatomy of a Psycho), and presented by Pat Patterson, this was the “Child Bride (going on about 20!)” flick written by Ed Wood after the release of The Sinister Urge and around the time of trying to get some ideas off the ground including I Awkoe the Day I Died and the much talked about Operation Salami. Unless you’re a fan of the legendary Director, this is a film that gets hardly talked about mainly because the video releases are so under the radar and understandable because of the subject matter that’s only understood by Classic Era Exploitation film lovers as being part of the scene back in the day. I have not seen it yet, but reportedly it’s a pretty fun romp that followed the Pre-Beatles era trend led by The Beverly Hillbillies (a show Wood reportedly wrote a rejected script for) and, yes, Jenny Maxwell is of age (she was about 21-3 when this was made)..


4-23-65, Youngstown, OH

Although unleashed in Late 1963, this would slowly plow it’s way through the Drive In Low Life. In my neck of the woods, this would reach Youngstown and Toledo by April and May.


10-1-65 – Obviously, this won audiences in Toledo (or it was a perfect flick for the hide-a-way dates enough to fill up the lot!) that it played the area again!


9-23-66 – Again in Toledo! With so much progress going on, some people just wanted to be in the backwoods!


7-7-67, in Chicago at the Low Price wonderland of Exploitation, the Monroe!


2-5-71, Alamogordo, New Mexico. Togetherness is a film released by General Film Corporation that played with Shotgun Wedding in a few places at that time.


8-12-71, Amarillo, TX


3-5-71, High Point, North Carolina!


10-28-71, Lumberton, NC with the part of the ad that did not work. At least it’s with the hit film Preacherman!

The following is not a re-title, but a use of the film’s iconic image and another title covering up the original ad.


10-30-76, High Point


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