Born Mean! A Screen 13 Look at Satan’s Sadists and Anchor’s Other 1969 Film!


12-24-69, Uniontown, PA – A class-sick show on a Holiday! The Drive In Ghouls get a Merry Tasteless Bummer Christmas!

This Newspaper Round-Up is all about Satan’s Sadists, the Al Adamson film that was made to shock and rock the Drive In crowd complete with a major promotional campaign which used it’s filming at Spahn Ranch as a way to hook the theme up with the Manson Trails that were happening when the film was already a hit. It’s been a LONG time since I first wrote about this classic, but now it’s time to fill in with more goodies!


7-23-69, Greenville, Miss – trying to find another ad closer to the June start-up month, but this will do cool.


9-5-69, Anderson, Indiana – and another Cinecom city! The South still kept up it’s Exploitation-Friendly program after the company went Chapter 11, leaving it’s theaters looking for new owners (A closer city to me is Youngstown, OH).


9-2-69, Toledo


10-18-69, Dover, OH


10-24-69, Kittanning, PA


10-24-69, Alton, Illinois – The Satans and The Pussycats on this classic double bill!!!


San Antonio 12-4-69


Kingsport, Tenn 12-7-69


12-26-69, Uniontown, Penn. – the regular ad.


1-21-70, El Paso

¬†Around this time, Russ Tamblyn’s other flick from the era called Free Grass, exploiting the star’s connection with West Side Story in the ads. To add to the Cult Level here, famed American Top 40 host and legendary radio DJ Casey Kasem (the real voice of Shaggy!) is on board, too. The film had a Detroit premiere in Oct. 1969 and slowly went through the American Drive In world. The kicker was that it was filmed BEFORE Satan’s Sadists…this report from 4-8-68.



1-31-70, Gastonia, NC


4-30-70, Burlington, NC


5-22-70, Spokane, WA at the Exploitation hot spot of the area the Y Drive In!


9-11-70. St. Joseph, MO at the Cowtown!

At this time, Adamson’s The Fakers which was originally made in 1967 and waiting for some kind of release (originally planned as Operation M) was finally released with a Biker sub-plot as Hell’s Bloody Devils, and there was no better co-feature than Satan’s Sadists to play it with!


9-18-70, Youngstown


1-1-71, High Point, NC


3-5-71, Milwaukee – Thinking that “Devil’s On Wheels” is SHE Devils on Wheels!


6-4-71. Bridgeport, Conn.


5-19-72, Youngstown – Once Al unleashed another Biker themed film which originally started off as another contribution to the genre which was felt to be a little too late to be released which then got altered to Angel’s Wild Women, Anchor and the gang was on the screens along with them.

I’m sure that there will be more later…stay tuned!


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