The Virgin Witch (and Her Double Dates with The Man from Deep River and The Sensuous Sorceress)


2-2-73, Ottawa

The Virgin Witch is a saucy and cool film Directed by Ray Austin which involves the lives of two girls (played by sisters Ann and Vicki Michelle – Ann you have seen in Psychomania a couple of posts back!) getting involved in a Modelling scene that has a dark side to it, and being the Early 70’s it’s all about Sex and The Occult. Noted British Actress Patricia Haines plays the owner of the The US, This Tigon UK film was released by Brenner that played for years in the Drive Ins and a few Sin-Emas and in Canada by Cinepix – Redemption/Kino in The US have released a good DVD recently, too.

By today’s standards, this is more like a sexy Drama, but don’t let that observation stop you from checking it out as it has a nice amount of the topless and plenty of good acting! The Co-Feature in the Canadian ad which starts this feature is a Swedish film that never got an American release, and looking at the trailer it looks pretty good.


This 4-6-73 ad from Calgary with the “Baby Doll” girl that appeared in a few ads in the area to say it’s a spicy flick is another showing of the diabolical duo.

Now, onto a grouping of US release ads. Released by Joseph Brenner, a leader of Exploitation through the 60’s to Mid 70’s, The Virgin Witch seriously got a lot of plays and even some special Double Feature shows later on in the decade.


7-7-72, Mansfield, OH


9-1-72, San Antonio


9-22-72, St. Joseph, MO at the Cowtown DI, St. Joseph’s Exploitation center which closed as the Parkview by 1979 two years after having troubles with films like Smarty Pants being seen by travelers.


9-22-72, Toledo – One of the great things about Toledo’s Drive Ins was that some of the programmers really had a knack for films that fitted perfectly together. Here, Witchcraft ’70, with footage by Lee Frost, was it’s co-feature.


10-6-72, Tuscon


10-6-72, Terre Haute, IN – The logo on the top left is for the Cinecom company, who also had two film companies (Childhood Productions and Chevron). The chain will fade away by Mid 1973 after the company declared Chapter 11. Youngstown, OH also had a chain under this company as well. Night of the Witches was another perfect co-feature.


3-23-73, Milwaukee – The weakest ad of the bunch with very ill-fitting art








5-3-74, Chicago date with a future Mystery Science 3000 flick.


5-8-74 – High Point, NC – Possibly the most perfect combo! Both British Horrors that feature sisters in the leading roles! Twins of Evil co-stars the beautiful Collinson Twins, Madeline and Mary and features the excellent over-the-top performance of the legendary Peter Cushing.


6-22-74, Kansas City – a return performance, this time with another Brenner class-sick The Man from Deep River as well as General’s Bonnie’s Kids at the 40 Drive In! I decided to keep in the small ad for Journey through the Past for the Rock and Roll film fans.


10-24-74, Toledo – They knew what the Drive In ghouls were after by putting the Virgin Witch on top.


3-24-78, Detroit – Brenner, who connected with Bryanston for both The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Devil’s Rain, doubled the later with The Virgin Witch in the Late 70’s. By this time, the company was fading fast along with the classic era of Exploitation.


10-13-78, Youngstown

in the Mid 80’s, The Virgin Witch was released on VHS in The US through Prism, the version I first viewed this film by.


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