Greetings From Love Camp 7! Bob Cresse’s Infamous Video Nasty Sexploitation from 1968 – Various Newspaper Ads 1969-72 plus other goodies


1-24-69, Love Camp 7 at the Pussycat Theaters, California

Although completed in 1968, this will be played in 1969.

Head-turning, and controversial then, still a bit shocking now. Love Camp 7 will possibly be the ultimate film of the diabolical duo of Bob Cresse and Lee Frost along with the Pick-Up. Filmed in only a few places in and around the offices of David F. Friedman’s on Cordova Street with Frost’s usually excellent skills working  their evil charms trying to convince the viewer that it was a production with a budget – at least for the costumes and vehicle rentals – this was Sexploitation moving into the sordid area fitting for 1969’s dark ride.

Olympic International was one of the leaders in exploitation films that pushed the limits for the time. From Love is a Four Letter Word, the Two-Way Mirror adventure of You, the US release of the film called Hentai (with Masayoshi Nogami of Naked Pursuit and many other features), the sadistic Western Roughie (in color) Hot Spur, and several others sometimes Directed by Lee Frost (including Hot Spur, The Animal, and Mondo Bizarro) or picked up from Japan or France, their films were very interesting that showed a number of fetishes which were not as accepted then as now. Bob Cresse’s infamous company unleashed a collection of films that usually tested the viewer in it’s subject matter or even a few choice moments like the obviously-staged Nazi Play in Mondo Bizarro…a scene that leads up to the film in newspaper ad observation here.


1-31-69, held over!

Love Camp 7 was so much a head turner it caused a sin-sation wherever it played no matter how long it stayed at a certain theater. The hype claims that it was based on history, and of course Tinto Brass’ Salon Kitty would be a more serious exploration of that part of Nazi history, but we all know that Bib Cresse’s film was just an excuse to dive right into a sordid story while showing off the breasts and the Producer’s attempts to act and show off one of his fetishes. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that.

The full trailer, which builds up with mentions of past hits like Mondo Bizarro can be found through this link…

Without Love Camp 7, we would possibly have no Ilsa or any of the small number of Nazi Exploitation films from Italy that were released in the 70’s let alone the very low budget Storefront Wanna-Bes that played the lesser screens here and there. It’s got all of the ingredients at 1969/Pre-Porn level: The Brothel, the Good Nazi, the over-acting, the costumes, and even whips and torture (here, at a lighter level than what future films took it to). and reportedly it’s still banned from Distribution in England – a Video Nasty that’s still one after all these years. It’s kind of tough to admit liking or even being interested in this genre of film (and you do have to be careful in these touchy times), but taboo subjects create the tastiest Exploitation films to those who watch them and even study them in a historical way, especially the trashiest out-there films that played the growing Adult Movie circuit of the Late 60’s and Early 70’s Pre-Deep Throat days.


Fresno, CA, 3-1-69


Thanks to Hollywood Military Hobbies, the production rented a command car and a Jeep within it’s controversial and historically important memorabilia for sale. The 1-19-69 report on the shop in the Long Beach Independent had some interesting history within it’s story including a visit by The Rolling Stones before an Ed Sullivan appearance.

Here’s a close up of the mention of Love Camp 7


To “Satisfy” the Rolling Stones fans who are interested (OK, I’ll stop with the puns…)…I wonder if that was for the Early ’67 appearance to promote “Let’s Spend the Night Together/Ruby Tuesday”. Obviously nothing controversial was worn that night, but I wonder what else they bought.


By the time Love Camp 7 was making it’s Blitzkrieg through the Adult Cinema circuit (oh, I did say I would stop with the puns…oops!), it’s ads were starting to turn into the censored mentions due to it’s pushing the envelope – of course the iconic images were a little too far for 1969 outside of it’s Pussycat Zone for some areas,


Bob Cresse and Lee Frost’s infamous film which was among one of the last Olympic International releases has clearly been one to divide the viewers of classic Exploitation. Playing like an Adult Men’s Magazine Sleaze Adventure with light B and D and Producer Bob Cresse chewing up the scenery as the Commandant and Maria Lease and Kathy Williams as the WACs who go undercover to get information from a scientist being held at the camp. California Exploitation stars including John Alderman show up for the games and there’s even an appearance from Cresse’s friend and competitor, David F. Friedman.


7-28-69 at Tuscon’s Adult showcase.


10-24-69, Kansas City

One diversion before I move on – Come Look Thru My Mirror is a title that sounds like an AKA for the 1968 film You, or at least a shorter version of it or even a specially made short – sadly the info in not around (yet). That film was the infamous skin flick that was mainly shot through the two way mirror at Olympic’s offices, reportedly looking into the bathroom – somehow I think we got a variation of that from the opening shots of Mondo Bizarro’s Bra Tryout scene. The film was also making the rounds in other areas during this time as well…


11-8-68, Long Beach


7-4-69, Long Beach

By the Summer of 1969, Olympic International was closing up that shop when a new company called Republic Amusements was forming. Still, some of t’s films would still be very playable through the next few years.


9-5-69, Albuquerque

And of course it would land into trouble.




1-16-70, Youngstown


5-1-70, Bridgeport, Conn


10-30-70, Chicago

By this time, part of the Olympic International catalog would be in re-play and re-issue. The growing number of Adult theaters would provide Cresse a chance to sell off his films as “New” no matter how old they actually were by then. Still, the shock of Love Camp 7 still had quite a sting among the ocean of White Coater “Man and Wife” “Sex Ed” films and general Softcore of the day and was perfect for the growing aggressive madness of the time when things were getting vicious in the Adult film world (The Big Snatch, for example).and the Drive In scene was getting more accepting to out-there films.


2-12-71, York, PA


2-26-71, San Antonio – Drive In appearance.


12-3-71, Toledo – no joke it was I think the first run in the Toledo area. The Esquire was a Downtown movie theater closed in ’67 re-opened by Rose la Rose in 1968 as a Burlesque place that added movies to it’s shows by 1969 (The Ramrodder was it’s first for it’s Adult era). Many of the films through it’s first couple of years of Adult are Something Weird Video favorites.


9-10-72, Dubuque, Iowa


11-3-72, Chicago – With the X-Rated version of the Scavengers, The Grabbers


10-27-72, Pittsburgh

It played up until the middle of the decade…maybe longer!


2-1-74, El Paso

I’ll leave you now with this review of it’s status as a Video Nasty. I think there was a release through Market Video, but in the wake of the Video Nasty controversy, it was deleted.


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