HG Lewis – The Roots of Communicomp – Creative Communication – plus a small update on a past article!


11-6-68, Chicago Tribune

Here’s an article for a DuPage College Business Management seminar featuring an appearance by HG Lewis, who’s work in his Wrigley Building office was doing well. Always treating the movie world second to his Advertising, which went hand in hand with the product placement in films such as The Gruesome Twosome (Chicken Unlimited) and The Blood Trilogy. In the College world of the Late 60’s, I’m sure that his style was seen by students as not of their scene, but time and truth has shown that Lewis’ approach always worked. Today, he remains a strong presence in Direct Marketing, which remains a big business.

Reportedly in 1977, Communicomp was created turning into in a very strong business for the Advertising industry through the decades. Through the interest in his films grew through the VHS era, He did not really need to return after dealing with a lot of madness through the 60’s and Early 70’s, when the Independent film industry was really living by the seat of the pants. As it has been shown, t was a right move as the independent scene was moving into the Video World where a lot of classic movie makers did not want to wind up in. Thankfully, a 2002 return to movie making with Blood Feast 2 saw a complete return that continues to this day.


3-6-50 – After looking at this ad, I was wondering where it was placed in Lewis History. Thankfully in John McCarty’s book The Sleaze Merchants another piece of the puzzle is to be found – Page 36 for those checking the facts. After a brief time teaching Journalism, English, and Humanities at the University of Mississippi and a plan with a friend of his father-in-law to produce advertising for his chain of stores that stopped when it went out of business, he accepted an offer to be at a radio station in Pennsylvania. If I’m on the right path, this was when The Herschell Gordon Lewis School of Dramatic Arts started and stopped in quick time before the move to Racine, WI.


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