On the Search for The Gore Gore Girls! Various Newspaper ads 1972-1978!


5-15-72, Burlington, NC




HG Lewis’ 1972 class-sick The Gore Gore Girls is now considered one of the legends of Gore films, but back then it led a very interesting existence when he left the film history for a long time and played here and there in a very mysterious way. In an era of extremity, this still must have left the audiences wondering where this came from. as Lewis went full-on into the world of WTF with a wild mix of Horror and sleazy Humor. Written by Alan Dachman, who gave it the timeliness connected to the film, and originally called Face Stripper before the official title and later played as an aka called Blood Orgy, The Gore Gore Girls was Dark Humor taken to the limits for the time enough to be officially Rated X by the MPAA around March, 1972 only to be advertised without a rating. This would be Lewis’ epic before he left the film scene for a long time thinking that his days as a movie maker were slipping away as his trail blazing Horror style was started to be picked up by major productions and the scene that played his movies was starting to fade away although there was no hints to stop in a Chicago Tribune article published in early 1972.

A short update recap before we continue – He put his films up for collateral for a used car rental firm which lasted only a short time, continued working in Advertising at his Wrigley Building-based office for some time (although by 1972, he no longer worked for Chicken Unlimited, who was a company that was a part of the placed advertising in some of his films), turned into one of the leading experts in Direct Marketing Advertising (Comunicomp was reportedly founded in 1977) and then finally returned with Blood Feast 2: All you Can Eat in 2002.

The story of a series of murders of strippers in the Chicago area captures the attention of a reporter (Amy Farrell) and a sleazy investigator (Frank Kress) who turn into regular customers of Marz’s Heaven, ran by Marzdone Mobilie (Comedy legend Henny Youngman). With the murdered strippers tracked to have worked in the club, the hunt is on to capture the killer who could be someone connected to the place. One eccentric man who squashes various fruits and vegetables (Lewis’ reliable production help Alex Ameripoor) is targeted while a worker (Lewis cast regular turned Canadian-based film Director Ray Sager) helps with some information, but nothing leads to the answer despite some hints here and there with an irate server (Hedda Lubin) or maybe a group of Feminists who protest at one performance. With some very unsettling moments of humor including a unique use of white and chocolate milk from a pair of woman’s cut breasts after a killing and a moment of “Tenderizing the butt” moving things along, the second half of the film is focused on a stripping contest that’s interrupted by the reporter as a surprise added contestant on a drunken whim that accidentally leads to the finish – during this scene, Youngman, who got the gig from a connection with a friend, looked like he was wondering what was going on.

Considering what would happen to this film, he did not need to worry about his career in an X-Rated film as it went on a strange shadowy journey of it’s own wth only a few lucky Horror fanatics being able to catch it in it’s here and there play. He might have denied it, but by the time of the VHS era and it’s wider release met with a cult of fans ready to rent it again and again, the proof was out.





9-4-72, San Antonio, TX – Believe it or not, this played with Psycho at a couple of Drive Ins! Strategy of Terror played the Captain Drive In. Oddly enough, the iconic visual ad was not in the paper! I still have not found an ad with the picked up film Vortex playing as Stick It in Your Ear as the B – Hope to see something soon!


12-31-75, Corpus Christi, TX – Oddly using the ad art for The Stepmother in this New Year’s marathon. it was a gory way to enter 1976.





By 1977-78, the film actually was starting to get a reputation as a far-out film to play with the time more welcoming to it’s extreme mix.


Clovis, NM, 4-13-77/ This ad used the visuals for The Vampires’ Night Orgy/Count Dracula’s Great Love.


Del Rio, TX 10-9-78






8-5-77. San Antonio – The Gore Gore Girls appeared as the B to Joel Reed’s incredible Torture Show, later to be better known as Bloodsucking freaks. In retrospect, this was one generation of Gore with the future generation – the passing of the ax, so to say!

There’s a couple of ads in Ohio which announced Blood Orgy in plain lettering, nothing hinting at Blood Orgy of the She Devils, Ted V. Mikel’s hit film of the time. Possibly the Gore Gore Girls playing as the AKA – seems like the right situation for this to happen.

I’m sure that more information will be found later…stay tuned!!!


10-25-74, Xenia, OH

LOGAN-OH-10-29-76 - Copy

10-29-76, Logan, OH





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