The Ed Wood-Written One Million AC/DC in Albuquerque – This Day in Exploitation. 1969


One Million AC/DC is a cult item for Ed Wood fans who like to take a dip into his Adult Movie years after Orgy of the Dead. Directed by Ed De Priest and featuring some familiar faces like Sharon Wells, Natasha, and Gary Kent. Kind of quirky, filled with bad puns, and even a plastic Dino! More visuals later, but right now, here’s a couple of ads!


11-28-69 in Toledo at the Esquire! This was originally just a regular Downtown place until it’s first closing in 1967, but Rose La Rose bought it up and turned it into a Burlesque place in 1968. Movies were added to the program in September, 1969 with The Ramrodder with most of the films very familiar to something Weird Video fans


3-21-70, Danvillie, Virginia – The South Drive In seriously had a lot of films that turned into a part of Exploitation History. Sadly in a couple of years, their ads would go word-only. Thankfully, things were still thinking visual at that time (and of course, if you are also thinking The Kinks as you read that, you’re cool!)


~ by screen13 on September 28, 2015.

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