This Day in Weird-Story – 1968 – Space Thing at the Pussycat!


On this day in 1968, one of the most popular titles of the Something Weird Video catalog plays the Pussycat Theaters in California, on it’s second week – SPACE THING!







It was a bit of a surprise when it turned out to be a hit on the Nudie Circuit, but it brought in the money for EVI for years up to the Early 70’s, mainly through the appearance of some very good looking starlets including Merci Mee (Merci Montello). Despite it’s sexy easy going nature, Space thing was actually a slightly troubled production where Producer David F Friedman fired Director Byron Mabe (as B. Ron Elliot) mainly due to what could loosely be called “creative arguments” with Mabe’s Girlfriend suggesting slightly elaborate costumes and Friedman demanding more skin (“The costumes should reflect the Producer’s checkbook!”) and his growing “above it” attitudes towards making these films. When the production was wrapped up with an opening featuring Steve Vincent at home before he goes off to dreamland and the main story of an Outer Space adventure that was a Burlesque variation of Star Trek with Vincent being the “invader” of a ship filled with women who try to get him in space and just outside Palmdale…er, I mean an asteroid before blowing up the ship in what’s really one of the silliest “explosions” ever put to screen..






Appearing a little over a month after Brand of Shame at the Pussycat Theaters in California, this was originally thought to be some quickie that was seen as a film that made Plan 9 From Outer Space look like Citizen Cane. Thankfully, with the film being in color (still an on and off thing in the Adult scene with Roughies still a major program to many screens) and attractive stars in a very familiar setting being spoofed – something that many Friedman productions did with ease and a good humor.

Cara Peters as Captain Mother was another wonderful sight which got the promotional focus while Karla Conway as Connie was another nice sight. The Credits filled with fake names are a howl, too!



This flick PLAYED! More on that later.





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