San Antonio on this day in 1969 – Easy Rider and Paranoia (The Original Orgasmo!)


SAN-ANTONIO-9-26-69 -easy

Easy Rider is seriously one of the greats, and it’s Soundtrack makes it a classic. Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider were just starting in the Cinema world hot off the heels of Head, the great film starring The Monkees that was seriously shoved under the rug until this film caused more interest. Really, there’s nothing more to say but to see it if you have not.

Paranoia is not as well known today, but back in the day it was one of those X-Rated shockers that people with the interest had to catch at least once, nd with Carol “Baby Doll” Baker in the starring role (which actually caused her main claim to fame to get played again!), there was more of a sensation in an era when Imported films were all the rage. Directed by Umberto Lenzi (of Cannibal Ferox fame/infamy), this appeared in The States back in August, with more plays in the next month after it’s success there. Commonwealth United was the company that also released Jess Franco’s excellent Venus in Furs and was reportedly part of a company that diversified into Cinema that only lasted a couple of years with AIP taking the Distribution rights to a number of it’s films (including Franco’s).


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