More Something “Weird-Story” On This Day in 1968


Lubbock, TX was treated to the Wild Wild World of Jayne Mansfield including a trailer narrated by the one and only Joel Holt. Both tasteless for it’s imitation “Jayne” narrating the film and timeless for it’s very cool images and footage from Promises Promises, this Mondo is one of my favorites. Sadly, the car crash was the image promoted in several of the ads, but the film itself seriously is a reminder of her great image while the slight tour of the house is a nice touch, too!



The two Adult-centric screens had some troubles in promoting their films enough for the titles to be covered up!


in Long Beach, this was the competition to Space Thing…good flicks, but nothing compared to Merci Mee!


while over in Tuscon, HG Lewis’ Gruesome Twosome and Something Weird gets a Drive In Play, one of many through the Late 60’s-Early 70’s!

Get a look at the next day’s ad! (the God in God-Awful is edited out).


~ by screen13 on September 27, 2015.

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