Kansas City in The Something Weird Zone! 9-26-69!



The world of Something Weird Video caught a world of Exploitation and Sexploitation which is the spark of many revival companies, but in a way it’s collection of films brought together a universe of movies that kind of toured from screen to screen in the Early Days of Adult movies. Ranging from the Arthouses that went Adult to the struggling places that decided to go the X-Rated route and even the Storefronts which peppered the Main Street district (not to mention the occasional mainstream theater with a room for the good stuff), most of Something Weird Video’s collection had a good chance that a title played in one of these theaters.

When I think Kansas City and Something Weird, I think of The Strand back in The 60’s where it was possibly the leader of the pack. On this day in 1969, it played The Daisy Chain with Marsha Jordan and Directed by Donald A Davis (who worked with Ed Wood on both Plan 9 From Outer Space and Night of the Ghouls!). It’s second feature was Tortured Females, one of the Mitam Roughies from The 60’s that included a Mongolian hunchback in it’s cast of characters – the company would try to go mainstream with a film that wound up being The Thirsty Dead.







Over at the Electric, a theater that went Adult after years of being in the B-Slot, it had a Roughie in The Bride and The Beasts, a Unit 10 production that tried to pass off as an Import, and the classic Kiss Me Quick! Between the two, we know who the winner is.

If you want the Boobie Prize, you will have to get the movies from Something Weird Video!







~ by screen13 on September 27, 2015.

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