Mark of the Witch – This Day in Horror History, 9-26-70 News



Starring Anitra Walsh and filmed in Dallas, this good little-known flick has a small group of fans despite the slightly annoying opening song. The story centers around a cute College student named Jill interested in Witchcraft. especially in the “Red Book” brought to a party to use in what was supposed to be a fun summoning turned dark as she actually becomes possessed by an witch who was hung 300 years ago who wants to wage more evil through the sacrifice of a couple of students (one a cute but bubbly blond – love those stereotypes!) and finds out that the Professor is related to the one her turned her in resulting in the pretty cool Drama School Witch Trail at the start of the film This leads to the battle to exorcise the witch from Jill led by the Professor and her boyfriend. It’s a “what comes around goes around” flick, but filled with tasty fashions that resemble ’67 in ’70 and Walsh looking damn good while being bad along with that fake British accent that fits her (OK, I’m gushing, but why not?). Most of the rest of the acting, especially that of professional Robert Ellston, is very good for it’s kind, and Marie Santell as the persecuted Witch is wonderfully over the top.

There was a report of it’s opening on 9-26 with the actual World Premiere on the 30’th.





Director Tom Moore went onto be a solid working Director since then, even working with Charles B. Pierce for a spell )pun not intended!) and plenty of TV work through the 80’s and 90’s, but sadly the film went into PD Land for a long time resulting in a release from AIR that was not exactly what you’d call state of the art. Thankfully, Code Red did the right thing and released what could be the definitive disc.


9-30-70, El Paso


11-15-70, San Antonio


11-19-70, San Antonio


Florence, South Carolina, 12-13-70


Danville, Virginia 9-10-71


Lawton, OK, 5-17-74 – It did play a few Mid-70’s dates here and there as a B or in some Ghoul Flick show.

Danville, Virginia


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