To the Devil…A Daughter plays Ottawa – This Day in Horror History, 9-24-76 and 1976 Newspaper Ad collection


To the Devil…A Daughter is seriously one of the class acts of Horror movie history, despite the ending that only slightly drops the greatness down. The final Hammer release before it went to a short lived TV series and a long wait before it was re-activated had a lot of cool things about it which made it into one of The 70’s finest, including Nastassja Kinski’s excellent performance that proved to be a very exploitable element when one takes into consideration the cover for the Continental Video release (the one that brought me in at first sight). Christopher Lee is at the top of his game as the defrocked Priest who engineers a Satanic sexual pact using Kinski and Richard Widmark is excellent in over-the-top as the one who faces a lot of trouble when he uncovers the plot. The production history was filled with trouble and both Lee and the writer of the original story, Dennis Wheatly, were not amused with the cobbled-together ending, but the overall effect is still stunning in the end.

The Ontario showing was around the time that it played Detroit, only a couple of months after it’s first US showing in July.


7-30-76, La Crosse, WI

The ads mainly used the iconic images of Kinski both in the nun outfit and the sight that seriously sparked the interest, although the more conservative papers had the monster from the end. Distributed in The US through Cine Artists, this was usually promoted as a double with their other bid at the Horror/Sci-Fi market, Embryo although early plays sometimes had more fitting films like the LaCrosse, WI ad pictured.


8-17-76, San Antonio


9-11-76, Kansas City


9-20-76, Del Rio, TX


9-29-76, San Bernadrino, CA, with a woman that’s not connected to the film at all. Still a striking image!


9-29-76, Long Beach, CA


10-29-76, Logan, OH. I wonder if this Blood Orgy was actually The Gore Gore Girls under it’s lesser known AKA talked about in the Commentary to HG Lewis’ film or if it was Blood Orgy of the She Devils.


11-20-76, Abilene, TX


12-10-76, Tuscon, AZ


11-14-76, Youngstown, the Sunday edition with a damn cool Chop Chop Triple play next to it. Hey, it was The 70’s and it really was like that in some areas.


Still, in the 11-12-76 edition, it had a good small ad.


11-12-76, Redlands, CA – This word only ad capture of two theaters is seriously amusing.


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