On Her Bed of Roses and The Incredible Sex Revolution – Part One of A Few Historical Ads Celebrating the Recent Release


1-21-66, playing at the Capri theater ran by Tom Dowd who is part of the HG Lewis story (Some of his Nudies were with his help including Alley Tramp!).

The recent release of Vinegar Syndrome’s double feature of Albert Zugsmith’s The Incredible Sex Revolution and On Her Bed of Roses sparked a look-through of the ad collection and found some pretty cool ones playing in the Chicago area. Right off from the success of his Fanny Hill, featuring the camera work of Russ Meyer, he went into his Late 60′ Sexploitation Famous Players era (which also tried to include Stacey Walker in his ranks, but failed). This resulted in four interesting  films of the time, all playing at the usual hot spots that were open to them.


6-24-66, at the Monroe, a low price screen in the Loop area that focused on Sexploitation and Exploitation (only in it’s later years it turned Porn). Here, it’s with one of the AIP Bikini flicks – reportedly the next to last of them.


7-15-66 – This time, Zugsmith kind of invaded Chicago’s Exploitation-friendly screens. I’m sure that the “Hot” version of The Incredible Sex Revolution played both the Capri and Plaza, which were a couple of the Pre-Admiral era Adult screens of Chicago.


8-19-66, Daytona Beach, FLA – At the Capri, looking like the Saturday and Sunday shows that weekend were with some kind of Mom and Dad style presentation!


4-29-67, Lubbock, TX

More later when I find them!


~ by screen13 on September 25, 2015.

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