Last Call Theater On This Day in 1977 – Cool Odds and Ends


Welcome to the Last Call Theater! Every film is second or third run, usually presented with small ads in the paper, the screen with a few stains, and the concession stand may have to be looked into, but we still love it. A place that’s rumored to be sold off for a parking lot, Mall, or business building or maybe a sleazy Strip Mall Theater trying to keep afloat with the cool stuff they say nobody watches (except us fanatics), it’s still standing just for us!

9-23-77, San Antonio, TX’s Texas Theater

Starting this odds and ends ad run with The Mighty Monarch’s presence in a triple play, the Texas Theater had EVI’s 1973 attempt to break into the regular movie world with Bummer along with the Chop Chop Cinema of SuperManChu (distributed through Cougar, released some time in The US around 1974) and the WTF-worthy classic Mondo Magic (released through Peppercorn-Wormser). They must have been around with the same Sub-Distributor. The best things about Bummer are Carol Speed and the legendary actor Dennis Burkley. Connie Nelson is cool to look at, too!



Yes, that’s The Mighty Monarch in one of his cameos next to Dennis in this scene.



9-23-77, Lubbock – This is a classic small ad line-up featuring a Hemisphere release of a Schoolgirl Report film during the last days of Sexploitation at the Drive in at the one and only Fine Arts! Infrasexsum at the Circle was a couple I think on it’s 8’th year of release and the Golden Horseshoe was playing the classic fill-em-up staple, the Bruceploitation! You know you love it!



Group 1’s Sexploitation super-hit the Teasers hit two areas on 9-23-77, Lubbock, TX and San Bernardino, CA, both with some cool co-features. Group 1 films in these programs are The Girls Who Will Do Anything in San Bernardino, a very popular programmer for the B slot just as much as Devil’s Nightmare was for Hemisphere, and Diary of a Rape – originally The Depraved with Christina Lindburg. Jabberwalk (This Is America) was a late in the game Mondo film (as was Mondo Magic!), but it certainly was a perfect way to close up The 70’s with.

Here’s another clip…

In 1978, Jabberwalk made it’s way to the Detroit area, but more on that later!


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