House by the Edge of the Park – This Day in 80’s Horror Madness – Detroit 9-24-84


Sept. 24, 1984, Detroit in the middle of it’s one-week appearance that started on the 21’st – 29 years ago in the early days of the VHS blitz, David Hess was charging up the screens of the Metro area in another classic psycho performance. Although Ruggero Deodato’s classic Cannibal Holocaust was still something that still had to play New York City (that time will arrive in 1985), The House by the Edge of the Park was actually finding screens here and there through the US in a time when there were only a few theaters left that would play these films. Released by Bedford Entertainment, the company who would release the Unsane cut of Dario Argento’s Tenebrae. it would be only a matter of months before Vestron would unleash the video which was rented by those who have only heard of it or just blinked and missed it. Seeing David Hess and Giovani Radice go psycho on the big screen, even at a one of the smaller screens like the Tel Ex (Now a Powerhouse Gym – a sign of the times) or the Showboat (on Sibley – closed for a long time with it’s sign standing long after the party ended) must have been a great experience especially for those who possibly had a feeling that this was going to be one of the Last Calls for the cult of Indie Horror fans at the theater.

At the Adams. this would play with Exterminator 2 and Purple Rain – it seemed that the Adams would play Prince’s classic film with almost anything! The Bel Air had it with CHUD as well as the Wayne, and a few other Drive Ins had it with 1983’s Savage Attraction released in the US through New World, and the Walake had it with Night of the Demon, but the winner here is at the Ecorse (or as they would want you to believe the New Ecorse!) with Last House on the Left – Double the Hess, Double the Houses, Double the Horror!


in one of the many interesting Last Call Cinema moments in history, a 9-27-87 play in Toledo was part of the Butch Cassidy’s own Three Houses set, using the ad art for House by the Cemetery to promote it with.

Riz Ortolani’s soundtrack brings it home. Sometimes even brings tears to the eyes of those who were there and missed the days of watching these films where they belong!


~ by screen13 on September 24, 2015.

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