College Rock and Roll Film Feast – On This Day in 1976 in El Paso-The Beatles’ MMT Rides In a “European Version”?


Being a Beatles freak, I could not resist getting ads for the showings of Magical Mystery Tour before the video release brought the surreal British TV feast to more viewers. It originally played College campuses in bootleg form, but New Line (back when it was an Alternative Cinema company) got the rights to show it officially, sometimes with Neil Young’s Journey Through the Past by the Late 70’s making it a rite of passage for Film students and Music fans alike. Still, there were some other questionable appearances like this experimental film festival in El Paso which promoted a “European Version” with three extra songs. While I think as to what this is all about (possibly some outtakes thrown in, maybe some promo films to their legendary 1967 singles…I’m thinking it’s the later!). With a reel of Star Trek Bloopers, Dali’s legendary film, and even a bit of Lenny Bruce thrown in all perfectly, it looks like a splendid time for all!


12-6-68, Chicago – Here’s one of the first announcements of an MMT showing in the Windy City during the time of The Beatles/White Album.



7-26-74, Chicago


12-15-78, Chicago

“Blue Jay Way” is an under-rated song, and thankfully a clip is here! This is seen as possibly how they saw it back in the day. No digital visual re-mastering, but filled with the well-played goodness you saw on the screen. In my opinion, it only enhances the “You are there” effect! (Good audio, though!)

While trying to find a good YouTube clip of MMT (It’s tough for understandable reasons, of course!), here’s a bunch of Beatles Movie trailers…have to have something to see!


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