Bob and Sally in Shamokin, PA – The Lost Part of the Roadshow Four on This Day in 1953


This time, it’s only a small news story, but an interesting one for Roadshow Movie fans. From the 1945 hit surprise of Kroger Babb’s classic Mom and Dad, a morality tale complete with a short of The Facts of Life – the infamous “Birth of a Baby” reel and VD show – and a “Book Sale” which really was a small booklet that still sold by the millions that was the focus of anger with exhibitors who wanted a part of that action, roadshow Sex Ed flicks became the talk of the town when they rolled in with a huge promotional campaign. Although at first it’s hilarious to think that these films played well into The 1970’s, it was possibly by the Late 60’s when the public found the camp value in them, leading to the hip audience for films like Reefer Madness when re-released by New Line. Released by “Social Guidance Productions” and later released through Modern Film (Babb’s company whom David F. Friedman worked for), it turned into a Lost Film by The Late 70’s-Early 80’s…(goes into Chriswel mode) “never to return again!”


And look what appeared at another Drive In the week before!


~ by screen13 on September 24, 2015.

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