Hot Ads from the Classic era of Exploitation – Part One!


Now it’s time to salute the ads that possibly burned some pages! This series will feature many iconic images and those that have been hidden until people like me captured them and decided to show. This time around, however, here’s a few well-remembered images.

From Chicago, 6-23-61 is one of the several Jungle Goddess films that played the B screens. Originally released in 1957, this film starring Marion Michael might not have caught the critics’ eyes, and there were those who thought it to be a tame follow-up to the first films (Liane), the but the ad caught a lot of others. This was a Medallion release in 1959, and it played here and there for the next few years.


On 10-31-69, Inga hit the screens of the Chicago area with this cute way of self-censoring the iconic image enough to present in a paper. Joe Sarno’s film starring Marie Liljedhal is great, too!


Jess Franco, for all of his great and bad films, is a legend of erotica in the cinema and Sexploitation. Eugenie is one of his greatest films, and Marie Liljedhal had a film that was as explosive as Inga was Dramatic. This 9-18-70 ad shows something good enough to publish. The company who released it in the States was reportedly a sudivision of National General Pictures, and it was short lived that it could put both of it’s films, the other one being Max Ahlberg’s Nana, into a double bill.


12-29-73, Pittsbugrh – Franco’s The Demons had an ad that made some interested in the Fun With Nuns genre.


5-20-66, Chicago – This seriously sold the film to the Plaza’s patrons! Through most of the Early 60’s, Bardot was a sight at many Art theaters that also aimed for a more Cutie crowd. Thankfully, films like this had a lot of substance beyond the eye catching art

More later…


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