HG Lewis – A Grindhouse and Gore-House Time-Trip in Ads, Part One – Blood Feast


HG Lewis’ low-budget gore-delivering class-SICK has always been a favorite of mine since my first VHS rental way back possibly around the turn of the decade from the 80’s to 90’s. The premise alone seriously gives it a major Creep level and Mal Arnold’s performance as the murderous Caterer remains one of the standout performances of any film in Lewis’ history. True, Connie Mason’s acting range is only down to looking good on the screen, and that most of the cast outside of Arnold and HG Lewis regular William Kerwin has the presence of a Chef at a greasy burger joint, but (and I’m being very serious), it’a a part of it’s spell. Like a Carnival Ride/Stage show highlighting the downfall of the clueless who never got it that Fuad Ramses was a Grade A Loose Psycho who’s catering to “Unusual Tastes” food-wise is as eerie as someone in some ultra-dirty underground Porn Ring (So if Food = Sex, then in Fuad’s mind his sex is Snuff, but with him as the star!) until the very end is something that crept in America’s B-level movie scene, and then the world’s in quick time.

After a showing in a Peoria, IL Drive In, it hit Chicago August, 1963 – the ad from 8-9-63

If you have not seen Scum of the Earth, Lewis’ cool Roughie about an Underground photo ring that some pretty woman gets caught up in, here’s the famous speech that still rings true today.


Blood Feast went from city to city (and backwoods Drive In to backwoods Drive In, it’s corn syrup red goo being the main attraction. In Toledo, it hit the Palace, a place known for Exploitation ad B-movies, on 4-15-64, with it’s co-feature being Half Human. Sadly, the Exploitation-ready theater closed in 1967, just before the rise of Porn and the first X-Rated movies.


6-19-64 saw it in Pittsburgh with it’s co-feature being The Dead One, an early film by Barry Mahon which clearly showed at one time there was something going on instead of just rolling a camera in front of cute and often-topless women…

Take note, I did not see any ads for this one yet, although a part of a Drive In listing is cool in it’s own way. One of the papers did not even print the title!

From the Pittsburgh Press…



10-1-64 saw it in Miami!


10-9-64 seen the film being held over at the Palm, a Drive In where it was Exploitation-friendly screen. that night, Mal was the guest attraction, and thankfully nobody attacked him for being the villain! Here’s an interview I found on my internet travels while writing this…


1-22-65, It showed up at the Palm again as the B to the legendary follow-up Gore Epic…


On 2-2-66, the Starlite, a home for many Horror shows in the 50 and 60’s, got the complete set of three! YEEEEEEE-HA!


12-25-66, right in the middle of Garage Punk, other Chicago DI’s got the set as well…a good night out!

After it’s initial shock wore off, Blood Feast and the others of “The Trilogy” were a regular sight for years, especially at the drive Ins. This is from 12-22-78 playing with Magic…


3-30-79, in Milwaukee…


…but the coolest post-1970 Drive In billing was during 1-16-76 in Chicago with this ad!


2-13-76, it returned. This was certainly a match made in Drive In Heaven in Chicago with Brad Gritner’s Turkey Monster classic Blood Freak!



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