The Start of a New Era! Meet the Scene In Connection With This!

During the last few months, I have been SERIOUSLY thinking things over about my life and my Blogging that has been so on and off over here. I also have had an account on Tumblr! So using the visual site as a canvas, it should spark the inspiration for more organized articles and even a classy visual Magical Mystery Tour for those who don’t want to read endless mountains of words, but only want to bask in the Sleaze with hardly anything in the way except the notes.

Plus, with the visuals on Tumblr offering some sparks as I post, this will be something of a wild card site just in case if something hits me it will be thrown on here – and maybe some seriously up to date news wthout me having to fumble around with my visuals without a spark to ignite a post with.

From an album that kick started my love of the alternatives after some time in Music limbo…”This is the way, step inside.” True, a book on Goth also used it on it’s cover, but Ian Curtis was one excellent lyric writer!


~ by screen13 on January 22, 2015.

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