IT’S BACK – Last House on Dead End Street Ads and new plans for the year


6-1-79, Chicago with original short TV ad.

I’m back again, and with a whole new slew of ads and fun – and yes, I got a lot off my brain last night which I hid back into the WP Trash bin until further notice despite feeling proud of writing it, but I’ll talk about what’s happening later. Right now, it’s the award for the greatest ad cap of the year! LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET in Chicago in Miami in 1979!

I can imagine someone saying “Yeah, but you did not get New York” well…going through a mountain of Microfilm in a Library is very time consuming and at least through this I know what reels to go through to get it the next time I see a New York Times collection. As The Stones said, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, but to continue the song’s train of thought, with these I got what I need. It may not be “loads” but it is allllll-right!

Right now, it’s time to celebrate my happiness in actually capturing ads for The Last House on Dead End Street with the means I have in front of me. For the longest time, watching Roger Watkins’ legendary film that is one of the definitions of extreme Horror history has made me wonder about where it played, even Detroit – although there is ONE week in early 1980 that the local library’s microfilm collection of the D-News so I am still wondering if one of the Downtown screens had it.

In the leading Chicago ad (Chicago Tribune, Gene Siskel’s side of the Sneak Previews team), it was the B to Lucio Fulci’s the Psychic, a film who’s play I will get into some slight detail later on. For right now, to please the skeptics…take a look at the Plus bit I have in both caps for proof.



A few months earlier, in March, the Miami area had it along with other places in Florida around 3/9 and 3/16/79. Believe it or not, it played two weeks in some of the theaters!


St. Petersberg had it as well


PLus, check out the Tampa listing. This St. Pete paper had a way when it came to mentioning our kind of films, No Comment! Yes, if you can recognize the title Future Women, then you’re a true Jess Franco fan!


the trailer to the B in Tampa…the original foreign edit. After Joseph Green’s small release (which I’m sure played in NYC a few times) the US print wound up with something called Value Video in The US and later with Something Weird Video. That something creeping went to the Last House on Dead End Street in Florida and then “creep”ed into bargain video land before SWV caught it and gave it a good home!

Onward to find some Funhouses!

So, maybe some of you are wondering what’s been happening. For some time I was wondering about all of this tasty new information and the fact that this may be repeating something I posted a while back. To tell you the truth, this blog has been around for a while and technically it’s not as well organized as I like to have it. Being an Info Freak, this led to some madness in my head, and then I found a place on Tumblr that I felt I can start all over again. It’s going to be built up as an organized place where ideas for this Blog will start, but that will be a more visual experience.

This is my Blog Home, my Last House, and your stop for Horror Movie Madness and Exploitation Fun.


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