his Ernst Hofbauer/Shih-Hung Kuei film played in the Heart of The D at the Adams and at four DIs in the area on 11-25-76
The Double Features were Policewomen at the Adams (Lee Frost’s cool timewaster from Crown), The Babysitter at the Holiday on West and Telegraph (the South Suburb screen North of Flat Rock – Woodhaven area) and I think Wayne (Very West Suburb, on MI/12 just a little East of I-275), and The Babysitter with Weekend With the Babysitter at the Bel Air (The 8-Mile Strip) and the Pontiac. OK, so the disappointing third feature Babysitter sequel was tough going for a lot of people, but to some it meant Extra Innings and Paradise by the Dashboard Light, especially if the car was a monster. Film Ventures International distributed the film in The US starting in Late 1976. I guess that FVI and Crown had the same Sub in Detroit!
The title that you see in the YouTube original trailer post is one of the several names it went by. Leave it to FVI to just whip up a title like The Bod Squad!

The story goes like this – Very simple – five girls are kidnapped by Pirates for Prostitution and learn Martial Arts to escape. Considering that it’s from the team who brought you either the Schoolgirl Report films (Hofbauer) or Hui feng hao huang jin da feng bao (Kuei), you know you will be entertained!

Sonja Jeannine was in films such as Campus Pussycats (Schoolgirl Report 6), Intimate Teenager, Secrets of Sweet 16, Naughty Freshmen (Schoolgirl Report 5), Intimate Playmates, and Teenage Playmates before moving more to German TV films. Also featured here were Diane Drube, Gillian Bray, Tamera Elliot, and Deborah Ralls.

4-1-77 saw a FVI Double Feature of the Bod Squad and X Rated Girl in Toledo at the Jesse James and Parkside DIs. Both were really east of Toledo, the Parkside in Oregon and Butch Cassidy in Millbury.

As for the Hui feng… title, you can just call it…



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