AD-ding It Up #1 – Newspaper Ads from Opening Day to the Weekend in the 70’s Style!


When I first started compiling these ads, I was mainly searching the Weekend editions, but remembering that back before The 80’s, the opening day was usually Wednesday. Thankfully, I have had time to get back to looking at the papers and noticing some small odds and ends here and there. Fight For Your Life was played in the Detroit area as Stayin’ Alive on two of the DIs on the 8 Mile Strip, most of the theaters on the North side of the Avenue mainly 8 Mile in Warren and the West Side I think in Oak Park. the William Mishkin-Distributed film started on 11/8/78 at the two Drive Ins and stayed for a week. I have not seen it play in the area at any other time, but I’m still looking for the details.

As you can see, there are two lines that promoted the film, the first from the Hollywood Reporter and the other from Playboy. In my research, I think I even found a positive review in Boxoffice as well. Stayin’ Alive was the title that was aimed for the Urban movie houses, but later on in 1979, Toledo got it under a THIRD title after sporadic success elsewhere (as you can tell it was a tough sell). to those who have seen the film yet, this is a mention that William Sanderson’s Bigoted On-the-Run Jesse Lee Cain may be heavy going.



This legendary 1973 Sleaze Pit classic, which in reality is a firmly executed Shaw Brothers film with extra 70’s gusto to compete with with the new breed of Cinema, was rated R back in September of 1975 (9-25-75 issue of Boxoffice), but it finally arrived in Heart of The D at the Grand Circus on 6-1-77.


On 6-3, another ad was used highlighting the madness in the film for the Weekend crowd that knew what it was getting!

More later!


~ by screen13 on October 2, 2014.

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