Mom and Dad in Toledo and Adam and Eve in Pittsburgh – Two “Modern” Films playing in 1968!

ight in the middle of a cinema revolution which had 2001 playing at the Showcase (Rosemary’s Baby would soon appear there by 8/30/68) and The Graduate playing at the Colony, Kroger Babb’s mark on civilization, Mom and Dad got itself a playdate at the Telegraph and East Side Drive Ins with the classic She Shoulda Said No starring Lila Leeds, the film you should be playing after Reefer Madness for amusing anti-drug films. “That would teach those damn hippies that drugs are bad!”

Of course, The Birth of a Baby was also added on to the show, but for what it is, the film itself is an interesting part of Drug Scare past.


Over in Pittsburgh in 11-8-68, the classic Adam and Eve Starring Christine Martel, the 1956 sexy film that was actually pardoned in many places because of it’s quotation from The Bible was to play at a few Drive Ins with Spree. Proving the play-ability of the Modern Films catalog, some of it’s films would have been proven good programming choices to theaters and Drive Ins looking for sensationalism  even if by the Late 60’s, the appeal would be more camp than for real – an attitude that would lead New Line’s re-releases of seminal Drug Scare films through The 70’s back when it’s main audience was of the Midnight Movies and College circuits (some of those plays would be in support of NORMAL).

Legendary Exploitation Producer David F. Friedman was a part of Modern’s history before working with HG Lewis.


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