MAKE MINE A DOUBLE…Feature, that is! Great special double features of 1978 in Detroit (Part One?)

ne of the greatest things to catch in the theaters was an excellent Double Feature show, and the best ones were by a company that was milking every last dollar with their catalog of films during the final days of what was called the Grindhouse Days (although of course most of these indoor theaters were not Grindhouses, but let’s just roll with that word…). In a scene growing with epic hits, the Indies did their best to bring you to the theater and watch something wild and hyped it with a classic ad line. Sometimes it would be two classic Horrors, or it would be some Schoolgirl Report film re-edited with a different title than the title you saw it under a couple of years ago, but if you were in the urban areas or the big cities, these would hit a couple of indoor screens, and this post is in tribute to those shows.

Starting off this set is the Brenner-Distributed pairing of The Devil’s Rain and The Virgin Witch. Virgin was a favorite for Brenner’s Horror movie sets, and with the added buy of Bryanston’s The Devil’s Rain with William Shatner and a cameo by technical adviser and Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, it found another reason to bring the saucy British Horror out once again. This played Detroit’s Adams theater and the Cabaret 3-24-78. This was when the Cabaret, once reportedly a Jerry Lewis Theater, was in between it’s hip flick days and turning Porno around 1980, but not without showing some cool flicks.

B5-19-78Dimension had a classic way of selling The Redeemer and Ruby with a classic ad line. This played 5-19-78


5-8-78 saw a classic pairing of Carrie (from UA) and Autopsy (from Brenner). I would think that Brenner was the one that put this together with UA keeping their Carrie rights (by ’79, they would get the US Distribution to Suspiria…more on that later!). This ad would use John Travolta’s “Fever” pitch stardom in the tagline.


Although today, we associate these films with Warner Brothers, although Curse of Frankenstein was first with Universal, this was during the time when New York-based Goldstone was handling these Hammer Horror classics. This was a regularly played double bill which saw a Detroit playdate on 9-29-78.


10-20-78 saw Parker International’s team-up of Horror Hospital and The Hollywood Hillside Strangler, aka Hollywood 90028 and later on as Twisted Throats. Parker International was part of the Hallmark Films (Last House on the Left) world.

B10-27-78 (2)

10-27-78 saw the Brenner-released Eyeball/The Hills Have Eyes double play Detroit area theaters.

As a DI bonus from the next year which continues this story, Eyeball was teamed up with the classic Suspiria. in Toledo, it had a 9-12-79 showing.



10-27-78 saw the return of The Three Houses of Hell. It’s legendary, and it rocked theaters through the 70’s and Early 80’s!


11-3-78 would see Independent International’s double of Al Adamson’s Nurse Sherri and the Paul Naschy-starring House of Psychotic Women, known mainly now under it’s real title Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll. Like a couple of these special double bills, this would hit the infamous Northgate triple screen in a small strip mall in the Hazel Park area, which was next to an arcade! Up to around 1983, it would usually have a screen showing such greatness.


12-8-78 would see Aquarius’ team up of The Bodyguard and the infamous Bruceploitation Goodbye Bruce Lee featuring Bruce Li.


Stunts and Bronson Lee Champion  was released through New Line, and hit the soon to close Grand Circus on 10-20-78

10-26-78 would see EMC’s double of At Last At Last/Naked rider hit a number of theaters, including the Northgate, but this time it would be better known playing at the Grand Circus, for where it was with this bill they added Jailbait Babysitter, the final film it played in it’s life as a cinema before re-inventing itself as a music hall in the Early 80’s/ It would only last the weekend at the shut theater.


2-10-78 – Two sleazy Box Office International Pictures flicks duringthe company’s final days under than name. It will turn into Valiant International Pictures (VIP) by the next year. Hitch Hike to Hell would feature Russell Johnson from Gilligan;s Island. This double would be released as on DVD through Something Weird Video.


3-17-78 – Two Russ Meyer classics


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